Best Butt Plug Tail Guide: Fox Tail, Cat Tail, Bunny Tail & More

What is a Butt Plug?

A tail butt plug is a fun way to spruce up your love of anal, add a sexy dynamic to show off your pretty ass, or dive into a cosplay roleplay scenario. The options are endless, but it is obvious that the plug is a very sexy visual boost to any situation. Below we offer you a list of the best available butt plugs for all play scenarios. We include the best fox tail, cat tail, and bunny tail butt plugs for you to choose from. These work great for men and women!

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Best Fox Tail Butt Plug

These fox tail butt plugs come in a variety of colors, styles, and materials. Depending on what you want to match your tail with, you have a number of choices. Glass or TPE can also be important for someone who might decide to wear their tail in all day. These go great with cosplay and a number of gorgeous dresses since their colors are so vibrant and life like. Take a look below at the best fox tail butt plugs curated from across the internet.

This white fox tail butt plug is a gorgeous addition to any clean, white, angelic look. It comes with a black silicone butt plug with gorgeous white faux fur attachment.

This is perfect for a role play for anyone that loves looking like a majestic white snow fox. Maybe you like to dress up like one of the beautiful direwolves from Game of Thrones. This is the perfect plug for it.

In addition, this features a vibrator attached to the plug for added pleasure when wearing for play or for the entire day. Turn it on and off as you choose.

The snow white color of the fox tail really matches well with any dress or outfit where you want to show off the fact that you’re wearing your tail. Maybe only you or your partner knows its a real tail, everyone else just thinks its a realistic looking costume.

This wonderful, fully black fox tail is an outstanding complement to any little black dress. The plug portion is black glass with a shiny and high quality looking faux fur tail. The glass makes it very easy to clean and holds heat well if you enjoy warming up before use.

This is a fox tail, but its black color lends it to many other play options. Cosplays of all kinds work here: demons, BDSM, fantasy fetishes and anything your mind can come up with.

This model does not vibrate and might be the best choice for those who want to wear their anal plug for longer periods of time. Great for conventions, parties, and play with your partner.


This tail comes in a glowing orange anal plug made from borosilicate glass. The realistic tail design is a wonderfully striped dark brown and beige tail. For anyone looking to immerse themselves in realism, this is the plug for you.

Great for a variety of playtimes and costumes. The color is easily matches to a full furry fox outfit or for a sexy fox cosplay. This also makes a great plaything for any onlyfans or fancentro creators who want to spice up their content.

The glass is easily warmed and cleaned and without a vibrating option, it is intended for extended play periods. However, if you enjoy the option of vibration even after long periods of time make sure to check out the pure white fox anal plug above.


Best Bunny Tail Butt Plug

Butt plug bunny tails are a fun option in this category. They are relatively simple in design, consisting of a butt plug of different styles and materials with a small pouf of a bunny tail attached at the end. For beginners who might want to experience wearing their plug out without anyone noticing these are great options. 

Conversely, if you like the idea of hinting at your being a real life bunny, then a thin, flowing summertime dress can give just the slightest hint of your little bunny tail. Even a tight dress will show your little bunny poof. We have options that are more colorful fun as well as more realistic options depending on your kinks and how you enjoy playing with these anal toys.

This is our top choice for a bunny anal toy for someone that wants to get the most for their money. Though this is not neccesarily a realistic bunny tail, being that it is purple, it has a few interesting options that some others don’t provide. For the price of one hight quality silicone anal plug you receive a purple/pink bunny tail and diamond end option which are both removable and swappable.

This allows you to have a more elegant anal experience or be a a bunny. In addition to the swappable pieces, being able to remove the ends makes for an easy and thorough cleaning experience. AND IT VIBRATES!

Soft & Elegant Bunny Plugs

This plug comes in black and features a metal base for those that prefer the hard feel of a metal plug in your anus. Pairs beautifully with a black bunny outfit. 

This plug is a bit rounder and shorter so it will give you a bit more of a sense of fullness than a longer, thinner plug will.

In purple, this silicone bunny butt plug is a good choice for those that enjoy a bit of give to their anal insertables. This product from the “Midnight” line by Sportsheets is a wonderful addition to a colorful personality.

Similarly, this plug is more egg shaped than some other wearables making it an ideal choice for those that prevent a more stout anal toy.

For those looking for that clean white bunny look, Tailz comes through with the realism. Similar to their fox tail products but with a plug that is slightly wider at the head.

The hairs on the plug are a bit whisper than some of the other choices listed thus far, so if that is something you like the look and feel of this is a good choice. For someone looking for something more solid, some other options might be better suited.

These are a great toy to wear in if you are interested in primal play where you are the rabbit prey and your wolf partner is after you.

Cat tail anal plugs are among the hardest to find. But really it depends on what kind of look you are going for. Are you a fluffy cat or do you have a long, thin tail? If the furry look is more your speed then some of the less patterned fox tails might suit you with some paw mittens and kitten ears.

Now if you are looking for a wonderful selection of cat tails look no further than this amazing design house. Not only does it have cat tail butt plugs in multiple colors and styles, they also come in lengths of up to 40 inches!

There are beautiful and unique features such as the bows featured in the photograph below. Head over to see more!

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