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Best Ebony Sex Doll [Review, Rank, & Where to Buy]

Top 5 Best Ebony Sex Dolls

Below we have the top 5 best ebony sex doll options for all your dark and light skin ebony girl needs. Each doll features a review, her own personal story, and some photographs to help you decide on which black sex doll is for you. Tap on the images to see which options are available for each doll, payment plans, and how soon you can order.

Light Skin Real Doll Violet

big silicone tits ebony real doll

Ebony Sex Doll? She's Almost Real

Violet is a beautiful black sex doll design from Real Dolls that is unmatched by any other manufacturer. The other girls on this list are gorgeous and any ebony sex doll lover would be proud to have sex with them. But Violet is in a class all her own.

The price tag does match the premier quality, but if you get her exactly as is without any changes in configuration you can save $1,000 on the spot. She is perfect, so that shouldn’t be an issue.

Make sure to read all about the things that make a RealDoll stand out from your typical high quality sex doll.

Review of Ebony Sex Doll Violet

This Real Doll is the perfect ebony wife. She is always home waiting in any outfit. You are her perfect size and she couldn’t see herself with any other man.

Standing at 5’1″ with a 32F cupsize, Violet will make you feel big and manly. The gel implants in her breasts and ass give her an amazingly realistic feel. This along with the high quality skin and hair that is standard with this dolls, this ebony sex doll could not be better.

Her mouth, asshole, and pussy are all for you to use whenever you want. There is not a love doll in existence that feels as good as she does.

real doll black girl

Big Ass Ebony Sex Doll Lola

Lola Needs Her Big Ebony Ass Fucked

Lola has too many guy hitting on her. All these BBC want to get into her pussy but what she really wants is something else. She just wants the perfect man to please her with his average size dick.

“Be gentle with me, everyone wants to be rough because I have such a perfect ass and I can handle it. But I just want to be loved.” Give her what she needs, please her, take it easy, kiss her lips. Lola is the most beautiful black sex doll you’ll ever find.

Review of Slim Thick Black Sex Doll Lola

For anybody that can’t reach for the RealDoll level – which is understandble, we have Lola. Honestly, she is the hands down hottest girl on this list. Even sexier than Violet. Though she isn’t a RealDoll she is unbelievably realistic, and frankly she really should be top bitch.

The level of slim thick on this perfect ebony sexdoll is unmatched. Her face is a thing of beauty and her expression manages to capture innocent and ready to get fucked senseless all in one.

As with most of the dolls offered at Joy Love Dolls, the quality is truly amazing for the price you are paying. Just look at the shape of her hips, the plumpness of her lips, and the realism of her hair. Not to mention how good her long black legs look in almost any sex doll outfit. Cum in her. Quick.

Dark Skin Thick Ebony Sex Doll Sally

Sally Needs Her Black Ass Tamed

Alessia is home from college and she needs a place to stay. She got in a fight with her loser boyfriend and her parents won’t let her stay at their house since she started dressing like a whory little college thot.

In reality she doesn’t want to go back to college. She can’t focus on her studies when all she can think about is dick. She has a bit of a fetish for cum, too. Could you help Alessia out? She doesn’t need much, just a roof over her head and a cock to ride and suck.

It really turns her on that you have your own place – it makes her feel like a real man is taking care of her. She wears the breakaway onsie on her pussy because whenever she thinks about how you pay the bills she starts to get wet. Since you take care of her, she needs to be ready to take care of your daddy dick at a moment’s notice.

She’s on birth control just for you. So if she gets carried away enjoying you inside of her she doesn’t have to worry about making you pull out. She can enjoy herself being seeded by a real man who she can depend on.

Review of Big Ass Ebony Sex Doll Sally

What can we say about Alessia that you can’t see from the images. She is an ABSOLUTE must have. A bombshell blonde with enourmosly wide hips and a tiny college girl waist.

Her tits are a god send to push your face against, nibble her nipple, and put your cock between. She has that perfect young v cut and beautiful flat stomach with abs framing her tight pussy.

Everything you want to have in a woman. Young, horny, thick in all of the right places and slim everywhere else. She is the best slim thick sex doll that exists today.

She is so beautiful, that setting her up in the right outfit with her perfect ass presented for you is enough. You could just stroke your cock to her beauty. Except once you’re horny enough, all you have to do is spit on her asshole or pussy and enjoy her. Anytime of the day and any way you want. This ebony sex doll is all yours.

She comes fully recommended in the setup that she is in. A darker skin tone works well on her as well if you are looking for a latina sex doll – her body fits the bill.

Huge Ass Ebony Sexdoll Syan

Syan's Big Black Ass Needs Attention

This girl is something special. She makes 2 of our top sex dolls all at the same time. You can also find her in our Top Big Ass Sex Dolls Article. Clearly she fills a WHOLE lot of needs for a lot of different guys.

With an ass like that, you can imagine she gained a bit of a taste for anal sex. You’d have to give in eventually after every man in the world tries to put it in that ass during sex.

Now it’s her favorite thing. Anal creampies are the cherry on top. I’m sure  you’ve got it in you to give her a few good loads in her ass and pussy while tugging on that long, curly, luscious ebony queen’s hair. This ebony sex doll can take a good fucking,

Review of This Thick BBW Ebony Sex Doll

We know you can’t stop staring at this ebony sex doll’s huge round ass. It takes some doing to hold those big ass cheeks open and position your cock right onto her tight asshole. Her big black ass is more than ready to take it.

This is THE ebony sex doll for anal lovers. Any position you place her in will milk your dick beyond anything you’ve had before. Pull out and cum on her massive tits, seed her pussy, or fill her asshole with cum.

Her skin is so soft, and her ass incredibly bouncy. With the upgraded breasts selected you’ll never need the real thing again. She wants you anytime you need her.

As always we find it fun to add a little pubic hair because we are partially to making a mess of her pussy with our cum. But her long exotic hair makes a perfect place to blast your load, and she won’t complain. In fact she loves cum in her hair, you’ll just have to help her clean it out later – maybe after one more round of mouth fucking her pillow lips.

Rachel is That Wife Material Ebony Sex Doll

Rachel is the kind of woman you want to keep around. Quick tounge and keeps you on her toes. She’s got that sexy older style that really shows off her curves.

She’s always there at home waiting for you. She might be stern but when she’s taking that dick she let’s you be the one in control. Her skin tone and perfect dark nipples are enough to get anyone off. This is the wifey version of the black sex doll.

Sexy Thigh Ebony Rachel

Review of Married Sex Doll Annika

Anika is a gorgeous high class lady. Her body is long and lean with amazing hips. Look closely at her flat stomach and how her hips artfully spread apart.

She truly stands dout in a pair of heels and some jewelry. As always she can be customized to your specifications, but that ass is going to remain plump, firm, and fuckable no matter what choice you make.

For men that like a slim thick sex doll, annika is another stellar choice. Her mouth is a treat and fucking her the when shes laid out with her panties half done as she is in the main picture makes her tighter than she already is and lets you feel like you’re getting a dirty quicky in during a lunch break.

Annika will fulfill all the fantasies you have and she makes an amazing addition to your sex doll collection. If she is your first, she is all you need. A classic beauty with everything a man could need.


Where Can I Find More Ebony Sex Dolls?

For more of any type of sex doll you need, whether it be male, female, trans, or fantasy, make sure to head over to our top choice for customizing and buying sex dolls: Joy Love Dolls

Do Sex Doll's Asses Bounce Like Real Ones?

The sex dolls breasts are incredibly life like bouncing and behaving like real tits. Watch the videos below where a man enjoys his dolls. With his doll taking him in reverse cowgirl, the breasts bounce beautifully. Listen to how much he enjoying his love doll’s tight pussy. He’s enjoying the sight of her plump booty jumping up and down on his dick. That’s the wonderful thing about love dolls, you can release your full primal instinct. Cum and moan as loudly as you want with your doll, she just wants to make you happy and she won’t make you pull out.

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