You are currently viewing Best Elven Sex Dolls [Divinely Arousing & Eternally Young]

Best Elven Sex Dolls [Divinely Arousing & Eternally Young]

Is it Strange to Be Attracted to Elves?

Often men wonder why are they drawn to the eternal beauty of Elves. Is it normal to be attracted to an Elf one wonders. It is completely normal to be attracted to Elves or have an Elf Fetish – they are avatars of eternal youth and beauty portrayed with unique and interest arousing characteristics. The only thing that is unfortunate is the inability to step into a fantasy world filled with sexually aroused Elven beings. With Bullwether and our friends, it is now possible to have your deepest elven fetishes and desires realized.

Why Am I Attracted to Elves?

As mentioned, Elves have traditionally been potrayed as beacons of beauty and youth. Two things, whether in fantasy or the real world, are generally correlated with sexual attraction.

Elves are beautiful, elegant creatures shrouded in light who preside over nature and fertility. How can a mere man resist the draw of the most beautiful creatures as they strive to forward nature and keep the land and their vaginas fertile. A place where raw sex breeds the world that they desire. Fertility is beauty to them and so is the cum and sex that accompanies it.

Dive into the tales of each of our dirty and special Elves and read the reviews of each sex doll elf before you make your decision. Dressing them in fantasy themed clothes of many different genres keeps your elf sex live alive and well for a long time.

A Bratty, Young, & Petite Elf

Elsa Elf Sex Doll Review

Elsa is built petite, a short 4’9″ bratty elf with long luscious hair. Her stand out is that gorgeously puffy pussy that barely fits between her skinny legs. 

As a sex doll, her size makes her easy to manage; bouncing her on your cock is a breeze and a delight. Her makeup gives her a alluring and dark draw, beckoning you to fulfill your elf fetish in the most appropriate way. She is fully customizable and can be dressed in any high-fantasy epic style you want. She is gorgeous when roleplaying as the beautiful elves from Lord of The Rings.

Take her doggystyle and run your hands across her soft petite cheeks, put your fingers in her blowjob ready mouth, and feel those pointy elf ears on your fingertips. If you don’t want to give her a creampie, release your cum all over her face on on her perfectly pointy ears. She is an extremely life like elf sex doll.


Elsa is a Centuries Old Elven Cum Collector

Elsa lives within The Primal Kingdom, born of an Elven Mother and a low level Street Bull she is a misciovious in nature. Stereotypically elves are to lose their sex drive after they procreate, and they should only do so once with their true love.

This did not sit well with Elsa and wanted to use her magical body to milk cum throughout the kingdom. Some say it was her Bull Father that allowed her to keep her deeply sexual elven nature awake for the hundreds of years she has been fucking. The Eternal Preggo’s at the Palace of Preggo allow her to be filled with human cum over and over and never need to worry.

Elsa is a brat, so she might tease you or mess with things in your house. She is the definition of a tricky vixen elf. If you notice that your condoms have been torn open and holes poked through them, you might suspect Elsa. It’s her way of saying, “don’t bother silly human, I’ve been taking cum for generations, and I will be taking yours as well.”

High Elven Sex Goddess Sylph

High Fantasy Elf Sex Doll Review

Slyph looks just like you imagine a beautiful, timeless, sexy elf to look. Gorgeous, long flowing white elf hair, big perky breasts, a tight fit booty, and a puffy pillow pussy to hug your cock as you take her in any position. She is truly one of the sexiest Elves from the high fantasy style of sex doll.

Her elf ears point straight out so you can hold onto them while you fuck her from behind. Really bury yourself into your love of the unique fantasy traits that turn you on. For someone with an elf or fantasy fetish, being able to hold onto her full, long, perky and pointy elven ears like handlebars while you cum undeterred into her tight fantasy pussy is an unmatched experience.


Sylph is a Goddess Elf Who Controls Cock

Sylph is a high goddess among the Elves in the Primal Kingdom. Having been around for many years, and having had her way with many of the Bullwether of the past, she is likely nearly unmatched in sexual prowess and ability to bring otherworldly sexual pleasure and release to men and women.

Sylph has not met a Bull that she could not accomodate within her vagina. Her small Elven body is designed to make room for ever increasing size into her vagina. It is for this reason that many elven women become very interested in fisting and gaping – the results are something no human woman could match. A sight worthy of the gallons of cum she has absorbed.

She looks like a 19 year old, fertile elf in her prime – and she has looked this way for generations. Being seeded by forefathers of the land, and now she turns her sights to you. Will you let this goddess use you on her journey. Fill her with cum while your mortal life allows it.

Bella Blessed of Elven Nipples

High Fantasy Elf Sex Doll Review

This doll is among the most realistic elf sex dolls available. She is absolutly beautiful giving her the kind of tits you would expect of a real sexual elven being. Full, pointy, puffy, proud nipples set atop unbelievably shaped breasts.

As many of the elf sex dolls have, she posesses a very fat and meaty pussy, plumping up where your cock needs to feel the best. After all, Elves are for fertility and breeding. Her face is stunning, with model lips that rival the Kardashians.


The Warrior Elf with Pointy Nipples

Bella is a strong, fit warrior Elf who was born with breasts and nipples that were not paralleled throughout the Elven world. Bella could not understand why she was forced to cover her breasts when she saw them as an omen of her duty to fertility granted to her by the old magic.

She saw them as beautiful pointy Elven feautures to match hre elf ears. She ran into the wood and carried on as a warrior. Riding into battle topless, leading the way with her mesmorizing breasts.

She brought down many kingdoms of men simply by letting them bear witness to her divinly granted, eternally youthful breasts. She is a powerful Elf, and requires dedication paid to her big puffy nipples and her pointy ears. Keep focus on her assets as your pleasure her with your cock.

Alice the Roleplaying Elf

Fairy Sex Doll Review

Alice looks like a untouchable human woman – a true runway model with piercing eyes and full lips. The tiny waist with the abs just slightly showing through and a beautiful short cut to just hint at the fact that you are about to have good deep sex with an elven woman.

She has removable wings so you can be having sex with an elf or a fairy sex doll at a moment’s notice, and if you tire of that, just push her hair back slightly and enjoy a body that any man would die to be able to penetrate without a condom.

Alice Wants to Be Elf Cake for Daddy

Alice likes to roleplay that she’s a tiny little fairy – even smaller than the incredibly petite and tight body she already has as a little minx of an elf. It turns her on to know that human men cannot resist her youthful elven body and has taken a new meaning to the idea of protector of fertility.

You’ve heard of mischivious elves, well that’s exactly what Alice is. If she sees you out with your girlfriend or wife, she might just come tease you by showing of her body. She wears the golden lipstick so that she can mark the human men she has sexually ruined for all human women who would come after her divine lips and holes.

Leaving a golden ring around the base of their cocks, not only marking her deep throating skills, but also paying homage to her Bullwether. The one who forged the Golden Cock Ring. The One True Bull in her eyes.

Sam the Dark Elf

Dark Elf Sex Doll Review

This is a truly unique lay. Take yourself into your deepest, most metal fetishes and have good sex with this dark elf. Her vagina is one of the best molds on an elf sex doll we have seen. She is soft, short, and an amazingly good time for a unique fantasy sex doll experience.

elf sex doll

Sam Wants Dungeon Play

Having grown her horns after she had her first successful bdsm experience, she never looked back. The dark elf knew she had something demonic flowing through her.

She left all elven things behind to search out the Minotaur who wished to unseat the Bullwether once again. She is his prize minion and spends her time milking cock throughout the kingdom.

She needs  you to put her in her place. Tie her up and take over control, it is the only place she does not have it.

More Elves and Sex Dolls

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