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Big Bulge [Should You Show It Off & What Women Think]

The Big Bulge

The bulge is an interesting topic as it unmasks so many interesting conversations around something seemingly simple. How one perceives a big bulge, the awareness of the man with the penis outline, how it relates to confidence, ethical questions over hiding or emphasizing, and so much more. Below we will answer all of the in’s and out’s of a big bulge and how to show it off if you decide to do so. Also, what women think it says about a man – for better or worse – and if a big cock bulge stands out.

If you would like to learn more about the best ways to show off a big bulge check out our dedicated article Big Bulge: How To Effectively Show It Off [Tips, Tricks, Undies].

What Women Think of A Big Bulge

You most frequently hear the old adage that size doesn’t matter. At Bullwether we understand that this may largely be the case, but we stand by and support the uniqueness of the times when it does matter. As with anything in the world, everyone has different opinions, kinks, fetishes, attractions, and lines in the sand. That said, let us begin with covering what it seems a larger portion of the female population will generally answer when it comes to catching glimpse of a penis outline in public.

The Common Refrain

As we mentioned, the stereotype is that women in general are less concerned with penis size, and thus big bulges, than men themselves actually are. We have endless examples of cases where women are for one reasons or another NOT interested in looking at, thinking about, or seeing an outline of your penis. In many women’s eyes, the penis is generally not a particularly attractive organ or one to be fawned over in the first place.

Many women will express the importance of particular muscles or height, for example, before they discuss penis size. Others will note that penis size and other physical characteristics hold little to no importance before emotional or romantic connection, and especially after. Of course, all of this is more than understandable.

In general, it would seem that a discussion about bulges only begins when it is noticeable – there has to be something visible for that to be the case. For women that might notice a bulge, the following are common sentiments and reactions that fall into the not interested and neutral category:

  • It might be something you notice, point out to a friend, and laugh at together – applying no sexual energy to it whatsoever. It could be the abrasive or crass nature of a bulge that deems it comical.
  • Some women might notice, and even enjoy it, but fear giving the man the idea that she is immediatly interested in sex. It might even be possible that she was drawn to the large size of his bulge; yet that does not mean she is not interested in taking it further or even being approached. A quick visual treat for her could quickly take an unwanted or even dangerous turn if a man feels emboldened to act unacceptably.
  • Women may find the entire thing inappropriate; hidden completly from view is the only acceptable way in their mind.
  • It has been described as a gateway to anything you can think of for a woman in that moment. The attraction is to the unknown. It could girthy, uncut, long, hairy, bald, or accompanied by big balls. Any possibility exists and whichever you decide to apply to this man is what he is in your mind. It is the attraction to the unknown.
girl bites lip while looking at big bulge

Big Bulge Lovers

Here we posit that there are actually a large number of women (and men) that in fact ARE attracted to a big dick. Because of this, there may be some appeal to seeing or showing of a big bulge. Both the man can receive some gratification – as discussed below – and the woman can gather some information about her potential partner. For some women a big bulge is attractive for the following reasons:

  • For some men and women, a big bulge signifies power and sexual prowess
  • Partners of big dick men might enjoy showcasing their man’s size and witnessing other people’s reactions to it. This touches on the idea of compersion.
  • Some women will describe it like a man staring at big breasts. If it’s there you look, but try not to get noticed looking.
  • Grey sweatpants season is a variety of trending hashtags because clearly there is at least some appetite for attractive men in grey sweatpants showing off the outline of their penis.
  • Instagram and TikTok influencers and standard celebrities are showing off their bulges on social media to great praise in many cases

Why Men Like To Show Off Their Big Dick Bulge

Feeling Hung Is Empowering

Having a big penis can be empowering. Especially if you are with a partner who encourages your size and truly enjoys it. You can liken it to a man being married to a woman who would be considered a BBW or “thick” but not personally being physically attracted to it. The woman may miss out on what it feels like to have a man who can’t get enough of bigger women swooning over her body and making her feel sexy.

"Putting aside accidental glances, having someone authentically look is a rush. It basically means that your bulge was big and impressive enough to stand out and gain notice. Not only that, but they say 'women don't care about size.' So when you see an example of a woman noticing it, its so much more satisfying. It's like a unicorn experience."
bird, blue tit, ornithology-7016926.jpg
General Hung

Of course there is more to a relationship, but this feeling cannot be discounted. Having a woman glance over at your bulge can be one of the most erotic experiences a man can have. To dive further into big dick appreciation check out our articles on the topic: How To Properly Compliment A Big Dick and Praise Kink Phrases: Praise for Men [Size & Cuckold Erotica].

Showcasing Your Gifts

There is almost no way that a man with a large penis can broadcast that fact without coming off poorly. It can feel unfair as there are clearly men and women that would love to have that piece of knowledge when making a decision. Showing off a big bulge is one way that women can naturally become aware that you might have something interesting to play with.

The nude beach is one great option that big dick men can look into for showing off their gifts. Learn more about being on the witnessing end of a big dick at the nude beach. This is a great article for women and gay men who are intrigued by size and want to further explore it. Check out Encountering a Huge Penis at the Nude Beach.

confident man walks down steps

Ethics Of Pseudo Exhibitionism

What we mean by psuedo exhibitionism. The textbook definition of exhibitionism describes someone who enjoys attracting attention but in the kink world it generally refers to enjoyment of exposing oneself or being seen in the nude. So since we are currently in the kink/fetish world, pseudo exhibitionism would – to put it crudely – mean sort of exposing oneself.

The question of whether or not you should intentionally show off your bulge is a complicated one. It can actually get pretty philosophical as it dives into the ethics of it all. To try and unpack this let us start at this idea of exhibitionism and showing off a big bulge. As we discussed above, men can get a rush from noticing a woman’s gaze; this certainly has ties to the enjoyment an exhibitionist feels.

The ethical question comes in on the idea of exposing yourself to someone that is just going about their day. Do you feel that having a penis outline visible or semi visible through your pants is a violation of someone’s space because you are forcing their gaze onto you? Consider a woman who wears a push-up bra in public or a dress so tight that the only thing that makes it different from her naked body is the color. Is this a violation? I suppose it depends on who you ask.

Natural Bulge Vs Intentionally Displaying It

To further the ethical debate: is this a big natural bulge in a normal pair of slacks or did you go for a run in pajamas with no underwear on? The line seems to be blurry but it likely becomes more defined when it is clear beyond a doubt that this man has gone out of his way to showcase himself. However, for women or men that find the man attractive and see an explicit big cock bulge clearly hanging this is a dream.

Does anything change if the man knowingly allows his gift to bounce a little bit more freely vs unknowingly. Those who are aware and interested in bulges will look and enjoy, those that are not will either notice and look by accident or more than likely not notice at all. Those that intentionally show it off will gain the enjoyment of catching the glances of those that appreciate and those who have a big dick and naturally create eye-catching bulges will continue about their day, unknowingly attracting eyes.


man looks down and adjusts his big bulge

Candid Reactions to a Big Dick Bulge

This video shows a man who allegedly stuffs and calls what he does a “prank.” It is still interesting to see the reactions. This is him on the bus with multiple reactions. You can judge for yourself what they might each be thinking. Take a look. 

Sometimes it might be a little bit more obvious that someone is ok with your bulge. This lady seems to enjoy herself for 7 entire minutes while on the phone. Glancing over at his bug bulge at the shoe store. Take a a look.


It can be a difficult and often fruitless task trying to wade through the ocean of people trying to find a match for what draws you. For big dick men showing off their big cock bulges, they desperately want to signal to the world that they have something special. Many will not approve of this approach or will remain neutral. 

However, those who want to receive the signal will happily do so. It does not necessarily have to go beyond that, there doesn’t even need to be attraction. It is a simple acknowledgment of a big impressive penis sitting before you, and wanting to take a peak. The experience can be fulfilling in its own way for both sides. It just adds a little bit of zest to life – a little bit of playfulness.

The ethics can get complicated and a lot of valid cases can be made, so it is important to make those decisions on your own. We don’t advocate for anything that makes anyone uncomfortable, but we also believe in your right to respectfully do what makes you feel good. The choice is ultimately yours.

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