The First Erotica Extended Universe Of Its Kind

Introducing the first of its kind: a multi-versal extended erotic universe spanning from the fantastical past, the sexually vibrant and expensive present, to a future of free roaming sex. Erotica filled with love of story and connectivity welcomes you to continue flipping the pages. As the tale of the Bullwether unfolds so too will your dirtiest and most untapped desires.

primal kingdom fantasy erotica logo

The Primal Kingdom

Forging of The Bullwether

Taking place generations ago, the forging of the throne and it’s capture by the first Bullwether unfolds. Here all of the fantasy erotica stories that you dared let dance inside of your mind are true here.

Throw yourself into a time where reality was its own wild, free, passionate, romantic, and fantastical erotic experience. Erotic romance novels and short stories that join the Bullwether Extended Erotica Universe in an event unlike any seen before.

Covering a fantastical world that includes characters from all species of sexual being – elves, orcs, wizards, minotaurs, and more. This is where the first took his reign and forged the kingdom ruled by the Bullwether.

Including These Erotica Genres:

Elves – Orcs- Giantess – Fantasy – Bull and Cuckold – Impregnation – Magic – Monsters – and More

Secret Arousal

The Bullwether Resurfaces in Modern Day

Set in present, long past the fantastical elements that made up The Primal Kingdom. Now, only considered wild storytelling from a time long before, the Bullwether and its former kingdom is all but forgotten. 

But when a mysterious billionaire appears on the world scene, funding an ever moving empire of sexual freedom and dirty desires, people begin to take notice.

Join the characters as this well crafted billionaire erotica takes you on a wild sexual journey that spans kinks and fetishes in the modern world. As characters fall in and out of a new kind of empire – one that may be even more powerful than those only heard of in legend.

Including These Erotica Genres:

Bull and Cuckold – Billionaires – Cheating – Step Siblings – Step Parents – Impregnation – Size Queens – Bull’s Eye

off grid logo post apocolyptic and alien erotica

Off Grid

The Bullwether Lost

Long into the future, the world has been changed. The world has been post-apocolyptic for a time, but now it remains in a beautiful limbo. A new order has taken place that leans into freedom of the natural sexual way.

Sex and power still dominate the scene. Part of the world remains in green utopia, while the other finds itself interacting with alien visitors. As these two disperate halves of the Earth are no longer able to interact in any quick and meaingful way – the world’s diverge. 

More interestingly, what do this sexy alien visitors want from Earth? Perhaps the energy that formed all that is known beneath the Bullwether may not be unique to our world. Perhaps it is the meaning to something bigger. Journey into free green utopian world as it touches into science fiction erotica and beyond.

Including These Erotica Genres:

Race Play – Nudism – Exhibitionism – Voyeurism – Alien Sex – Breeding – Primal – Size Queen Focus

male centered erotica logo

Bull's Eye

Male Gaze POV Erotica

In proper form, the Bullwether series brings you male focused stories under the name Bull’s Eye. These stories range from straight, gay, and trans erotica stories all dealing with powerful men in one way or another. Men and women can enjoy these stories focused on the male’s strength or their disappointing weaknesses. Feel the thoughts of a cuckold man with a dissapointing penis while jumping into the shoes of a massively hung bull.

Find out how al bull thinks and feels as he mounts and breeds his prey. Put yourself into the shoes of the biggest and most desired men in the world. Or be a fly on the wall with an ear into the mind of a straight man as he begins to realize that he may really be attracted to big powerful cock. 

Women that enjoy a number of different kinks can enjoy this series as well. Fantasies of cuckolding your disappointing husband only get better when you can see inside the mind of the enormous bull readying his seed. Or better yet, the thoughts your husband must be having as you enjoy the release of finally having what you have always truly wanted at your core. It’s more fun knowing exactly which of your husband’s feeble feelings you’re not giving a shit about as you handle the only thing that matters.

Women's Erotica

Erotica for women is one of our top priorities. The Bullwether offers deep and unique takes on sexual experiences that comprise some of the deepest and most erotic kinks and fetishes. Our hope is to give women an experience that really digs deep into your own personal favorite flavor of erotica. Our goal for you is to leave our stories fully sexually and mentally satisfied. 

The aim is also to leave you questioning how much of what we read can be real for us; how much of our rawest thoughts should we truly explore? Take comfort with us in being accepted for the things you hide the deepest, and which hold the most powerful potential for sexual release.

We do offer the dedicated Bull’s Eye set of stories that fit into the Bullwether Erotica Extended Universe intended to be from men’s point of view. It might seem that this signals a lack of erotica for women. In fact, we consider the majority of our stories as women’s erotica. The topics, kinks, fetishes, and desires are often done from the woman’s point of view or the all encompassing third person and are often focused on dominating women that know what they want.