How to Contact for a Scene

If you are interested in contacting me for a scene you can reach out to me at

Honestly, I don’t care for it to be so rote and transactional. I truly enjoy meeting people and finding out what they enjoy, so if you just want to reach out and say hi you can do that too. I actually would prefer it to an e-mail.

My instagram is @BenevolentBull where you can send me a direct message. Or message me directly on my OnlyFans Page – It’s free to subscribe so you don’t have to spend any money to get in touch with me. Plus you can get a better look at me and see if I’m right for your type of content. I have full nudes and some scene clips available on my feed for free.

Meet the Benevolent Bull [Male OnlyFans]

I am an adult male content creator that enjoys focusing on pleasuring the woman with my above average cock.

If you take a look at a few of my other pages you will see some of the character come into play. I believe that an interesting approach that feels authentic and well rounded is the best way to go about making the best scenes for everyone. They also stand the best chance of being seen and making money. For me the fun comes from the exhibitionism, making friends, having good, fun sex, role play, and editing videos. The money only gets better when you’re actually enjoying yourself.

In reality, I’m a down to earth guy. I have a couple small businesses that I run and enjoy doing this for fun and income. Ideally I would like to meet women who would like to make videos on a somewhat repetative basis. Even if that just means semi-annually. I think that getting a friendship and good communication together makes for the best sex and content. But honestly, if you just want a one time scene for your page, I am happy to oblige. Just reach out and chat. I’m truly an open book.

big white cock on a perfect petite ass

What Types of Adult Content?

Whatever Niche You Enjoy and Makes You Money

I’m open to nearly any type of niche content you want to make. Since I do not show my face, I focus a lot on POV style camera work. Of course we can do a multi-cam setup and I can angle it in a way that removes my face. You are the focus after all. A very short list of what I enjoy helping you with:

  • blowjob scenes
  • full sex scenes
  • anal scenes
  • foot fetish
  • bull/cuckold
  • size comparison
  • all types of role play
  • light bdsm
  • amateur style
  • MFF

Male OnlyFans Brand of Content

If you look through the Perfect Cock Vs Average Size Penis article on this site you can see a nice story built around me and the perfect cock. Though it IS actually factual information, it can look a little nutty to have a shrine to your own penis. I get that, and my only defense? Branding. Check out the whole Benevolent Bull Story Here or you can see my dick compared to averages and ideals at The Perfect Cock vs Average Penis Size

Full and Long Format Videos

I am open to us coming up with a producing a full format video with role play and simple scripts and all that. I have much of the neccessary equipment to set up and produce something fairly high quality. However far you want to go, I’m into it and can add what skills and equipment I do work with.

Content Partner Testimonials

Pint Size Nish has become a good friend of mine. She was kind enough to write a little “review” for me as a content partner. Hopefully hearing from a real person that has worked with me can help ease some anxiety, as well. Find her OnlyFans Page Here.

"Mr. Bull is nice, safe, clean and most of all his long and thick cock is a pure pleasure of ecstasy to enjoy. You are in for a wild and fantastic ride with Mr. Bull. Ride that big blessed cock into the sunset cowgirl and expect nothing but orgasms."
Pint Size Nish
OnlyFans Creator

Benefits of Shooting With Me

Adult Content Sharing

The idea of content sharing is basically that we create content as a pair and each use the resulting material however we see fit. So whatever we decide we are doing – whether it is just a quick blowjob scene or an extensively role played scenario – we each can use it for our OnlyFans page, PornHub, FanCentro or whatever we choose to do.

You're In Control

If we find that we are a good match to make a video, I’d like to go as far as you need in getting to know me before we meet. If you simply want to say our hellos and do a scene, I’m game. Generally, what I prefer, is chatting via DM, possibly snapchat so that you can see my real face and we can get a feel for each other. 

I find that getting comfortable with each other through sexting creates a much more fluid first meeting and much sexier content. Plus, it is actually important to me for you to have fun and real orgasms. It’s just not as fun when it is completely fake – for us or the audience. Like I said, I’m in this for friends and good times as well.

Film and Edit High Quality Content

As was briefly mentioned above, I am able to shoot and edit together multi-cam views. We have sound and lighting equipment available to us. If we do a scene together I am more than happy to record, edit, and produce a full and clean product for whatever scene we do. This can go as far as you would like depending on the style or context.  All of this still based soley on the idea of content sharing.

Free Promotion Through Bullwether

This website is built to search engine optimize around certain topics that draw traffic in the adult niche over time. If we do a scene together, your OnlyFans or page of your choice will be linked from this website. This could have you see a consistent boost in subscribers over time at no marketing cost.

How We Share Our Content

As mentioned above there would be know monetary exchange for the creation of this content. Rather, we would be doing a mutually agreed upon scene that we can then do with as we choose. That means that neither of us is required to pay the other a percentage or fee at any point. Instead, whatever profits we generate from our respective pages and promotions with the same content is ours to keep.

The Clean & Legal

I do require that we both provide a recent, complete, and clean STD panel before we do any scenes together. Also, dependent on the platform we may have different requirements including release forms that indicate that we are both consenting and above 18.