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The Gooning Guide [What is it? How to Goon & Gooning Tips]

PART 1: What is Gooning?

We can generally summarize the concept a gooner as such:

  1. Gooning is reaching a place of pleasure that is so focused on your body and its impending orgasm that your face contorts, your eyes roll back, or drool dangles from your mouth as you take on the appearance of a goon.
  2. Gooning is often associated with masturbating and edging, because it is easier to let go when you are alone and focused only your pleasure.
  3. Nobody present to make you self conscious as you stroke your penis in that unique quick jerking motion that feels perfect for you. As the cum drives itself from your testicles and fires through your shaft, the pleasure blasting through your body, your head throws back and your body spasms as cum shoots out of you further than it ever has. Drool dripping from your mouth mirroring the cum globbing from your bell end. Totally fulfilled. In search only of pleasure without vanity or performance.

Let us be clear, gooning does NOT need to take place alone. In fact, some people love to reach a place of total bodily release and sexual pleasure at the hands of others. This is a wonderful thing because you are able to feel fully free with someone else, as if you were masturbating alone. 

Further, others enjoy creating goons and goonettes – driving the pleasure home so effectively that their partner loses all control and releases into another level of sexual pleasure and orgasm. Goon face on: eyes crossed, mouth agape, shivering, garbeling sounds, cumming.

Next, let us dive further into the relationship between edging and achieving goon status. 

PART 2: How to Goon Out

Below are 3 enjoyable ways to achieve the status of a goon or goonette.

Achieve Gooning Status and Feel Like This After

#1 How to Goon to Porn

#2 Gooning and Edging

Gooning and edging can go hand in handIf you have ever edged – intentionally or accidently – you know how much more explosive the orgasm can be. However, for many people the explosive orgasm is actually the cherry on top of the desert, while the edging experience is the meat and potatoes. Some people can edge upwards of 8 hours – but more on that in the dedicated article.

Remaining in a heightened sexual state for such a prolonged period of time ends up placing your mind into such hyper focus on your sexual organs and how madeningly near orgasm you are. Your body is pulling with all its mental and physical strength to find that orgasm, yet it is being denied. It is like walking the desert for days and having water dribbled just left of where your tongue can reach. Nothing else occupies your mind.

This is why edging is prime territory to become a full fledged goon. If you had any thoughts of self consciousness, they are gone. The voice in your head worried about paying your bills on time. Nowhere to be found. Straining with every muscle in your body for your dickhead or clit to reach just a milimeter further to rub against your partners loosely cupped hand. Praying with your entire soul that it will be enough to finally release. Everything falls away but your immediate and very present focus on your engorged doorway to orgasm. 

You are a goon. In this moment – eyes wide open, face red, and babbling – nothing else in the world matters but your extended pleasure and ultimate release.

#3 Gooning and Forbidden Desires

Losing control of facial expressions as you reach ultimate pleasure.

Many fetishes share the trait of being tied to “naughty” or “forbidden” desires. With that in mind:

  • Gooning may come easier when digging deep into an unrealized desire
  • Sometimes straight men become goons right as they slide into their suppressed acceptance  of the joy that is the male penis fetish (not necessarily homosexual).

The Goon Kink: Gooners & Goonettes

When gooning, one likely pictures a man being edged or masturabting alone to porn. However, men and women both can achieve peek goon. A goonette is a female who enters a state of untethered bliss during sex or masturbation to the point of unmitigated face contorting, eyes crossing, and drooling – appearing as a “goon.”

Goonettes is a very specific phrase and a goon or gooner is the simplest way to refer to anyone enjoying this experience. Picture a woman being deeply and powerfully pounded and her eyes roll back in her head as her legs tremble: full sexual release.

 Additionally, there are a number of interpretations and opinions on terms around gooning and its uses so here is some explanation. One can “be gooned.” This means that someone brought that person to ecstacy. This could be through handjob edging, sex, or any other kind of play. “I gooned him good.”

A gooner is used both as an alternate term for goon and also as “one who goons:” giver of pleasure to the one “being gooned.”

Long lasting, eye crossing, eruptions of pleasure surround you.

Gooning's Alleged Connection to Porn Addiction

As we have discussed it takes a certain amount of focus to get going with gooning. Often it is tied to the idea of solo play and masturabtion. With today’s simple accessibility, this is most often tied to porn. Of course, as we have explained, this does not need to be the case, even though it might largely lean that direction.

Regardless, the connection is present, so people naturally begin to question whether gooning leads to porn addiction, forms from porn addiction, or if there is any correlation at all. Let us start by saying that it is difficult to diagnose “addiction” in passing. Most standard, armchair psychologists would clear you by answering “no ” to the question of whether or not the amount of time you spend doing an act negatively interferes with your life. In reality, these things are more complex, so let’s at least unpack this connection a bit more.

Some people believe that it takes a deep appreciation for pornography to be able to get so deeply entranced as to start drooling and quivering. A counter argument would be that it is unfortunate that those that would demean the experience as porn addiction have never experienced the wonder of full, untethered sexual release. It is easy for people to make jumps from a deep appreciation of sex, pornography, and the experience of masturbating to a porn addiction. Often this is because they do not understand it as you do, or it simply doesn’t connect for them. 

People are differen so it is important to keep a finger on the pulse of porn addicts. It is likely true that there is a correlation between porn addicts and gooning, but it does not mean that gooning is caused by or causes porn addiction Simply it is a matter of crossing ven diagrams.

Fully lost in her dreamworld of 2 absolutely stand out cocks: GOONED

Connecting to Other Kinks and Fetishes

The wonderful thing about gooning is that you can arrive at that experience in almost any way imaginable. That means any kink or fetish you might have, when fully engaged, can help you get over the top. Those slightly secret, deep down kinks that you dive into at 2am alone are sometimes the most exhilarating.

For those people that might be gooning in groups of 2 or more, understanding another person’s greatest turn ons can help get them there. Those that have an understanding for the idea of “comperssion” – “the opposite of jealousy” – and those with a praise kink might really get off to all of this.

Being praised for whatever part of your body turns you on the most as you are approaching ecstasy can be huge. Adding an even deeper mental level to the experience that is gooning. 

To learn more about the praise kink, take a look at What is a Praise Kink? Do I have One? And How to Enjoy It.

For some ideas of what it might sound like to praise or be praised check out our article on Praise Kink Phrases: Praise for Men [Size & Cuckold Erotica]


Gooning is a wonderful thing. It is something everyone should experience at some point. Complete, untethered presence in the sexual moment. What a beautiful thing if it is understood for what it is. It can look “funny” but it can also be enormously arousing to see someone release and fall into the heavenly cloud that is gooning.

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