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How to Find a Bull for My Hot Wife [Real Steps Toward Cuckoldry]

Understanding the ‘Bull’ in Cuckoldry

In the dynamic world of cuckoldry, the term ‘bull’ refers to the man who enjoys the cuckold’s partner (usually wife).Often they are larger and more muscular, have larger penises, and a strong sexual prowess. This unique relationship triangle is a cornerstone of the cuckoldry or ‘cuck’ lifestyle. Hence, the question arises, “How to find a bull?” This query is central for a cuck in establishing a satisfying cuckoldry relationship.

Below are some of steps you can take in on your journey for the perfect bull and enjoying the lifestyle.

Step 1: Open Communication with Partner: The Foundation of Cuckoldry 

In the words of renowned psychologist Dr. David Ley, “The core of the cuckold fantasy is getting erotic pleasure from the ‘humiliating’ experience of watching one’s wife have sex with another man, who is often called a ‘bull.'”

  • Mutual consent: Ensure your partner is comfortable with this dynamic and consents to it fully.
  • Shared understanding: Discuss the expectations, boundaries, and potential risks involved in bringing in a third party.

Step 2: Self-awareness and Clarity: The Cuck Meaning

  • Understanding desires: Gain a clear understanding of what you hope to achieve from this dynamic. Are you seeking sexual arousal, a sense of humiliation, or perhaps a combination of both?
  • Establishing boundaries: Decide on the boundaries and rules for the interaction. Will the cuck participate, watch, or be completely absent?

Step 3: Vetting the Potential ‘Bull’: A Crucial Step

  • Compatibility: Ensure the potential ‘bull’ understands the dynamic of a cuckolding relationship and is comfortable with the expectations and boundaries.
  • Respect and understanding: The ‘bull’ must respect your relationship with your partner and not overstep the boundaries agreed upon.

Step 4: Open Dialogue with the ‘Bull’: Key to Successful Cuckolding

According to Dr. Justin Lehmiller, a Research Fellow at The Kinsey Institute and author of the book “Tell Me What You Want,” “Communication is absolutely critical in these kinds of relationships.”

  • Initial discussions: Once you find a potential ‘bull’, engage in open and honest discussions about your desires, boundaries, and expectations.
  • Continuous communication: Keep an open dialogue before, during, and after encounters to ensure all parties are comfortable.

Step 5: Considering Professional Guidance: Ensuring a Healthy Cuckold Relationship

Understanding dynamics: A counselor or therapist who understands these dynamics can provide guidance and support in navigating the emotional complexities and potential challenges that may arise.

Embracing Cuckoldry: A Journey of Exploration

Embarking on the journey of cuckoldry is a personal exploration. Finding the right ‘bull’ forms an integral part of this exploration, requiring open communication, self-awareness, and continuous dialogue. Always remember, in defining cuck dynamics, all actions should be consensual, respectful, and aim to enhance the relationship dynamics. Embrace the complexity and diversity of human sexuality and keep exploring!


hotwife wants cuck chat with bull and her cuck is angry

A hotwife is a woman who desires to be the object of a male bull’s sexual and mental attention, often while her inferior male partner is made to watch or left at home during sex. Often women enjoy the idea of becoming a hot wife because of the sexual attention they are receiving when the spark might have fizzled out at home. It might not start with the cuckolding that feeds the arousal but it can progress there.

Many women fantasize about a man that is bigger, stronger, more fit, thicker, and more sexually versed in properly satisfying a woman. Not only is it the size of his penis, but it is his entire presence as a man – the mental stimulation of the scenario, the bull’s conversation between hotwife and cuckold all play into the ultimate satisfaction for a hot wife.


A cuckold is a man who enjoys watching or knowing that his wife is being sexually satisfied by another man; most commonly a physically superior bull. As many cuckolds report being the ones to actively find bulls for their wives, the search for the perfect bull cock needs to come from their perspective as well. Often it is the man who desires to be cuckolded while the wife helps fulfill your fantasy.

The cuckold man might want to simply find a big beautiful penis that can give them the mental stimulation of comparing to their penises or roleplaying directly to the cuck as if they were beating them out with a hypothetical partner. Some just want to see a man perform well and better than them. All of these scenarios can be fulfilled in one way or another through the methods below.

How to Find a Bull: Real Places to Look

In an era of digital connectivity, there are several ways a cuckold can find a ‘bull’. These include:

Dating Apps & Online Platforms

Certain dating apps lend themselves well to polyamorous couples as well as those interested in finding a bull for their cuckold relationship. Take a look at the options bellow.

A. Feeld

Feeld is a unique platform among the dating apps as it is specifically focused on the polyamorous or multiple partner kink and fetish lifestyles. For this reason  you can be a bit more free and honest within your profile as it is unlikely that someone who is not looking for the same would find you within the app. Looking for bulls or other players in ENM relationships is very common practice in this app.

B. Tinder, Bumble, Hinge, Etc.

Tinder and similar apps are a great place for women to find a potential bull. As a male cuckold looking for a bull on behalf of your wife, other options might be more suited. For these apps a hot wife will likely have the most luck.

  • Forward: Something as simple as explaining what you are looking for in your bio will be enough to grab the attention of many men willing to fulfill your desire.
  • Discreet: profile with a normal bio, do not mention looking for a bull or cuckolding. Once you have matched with the men you feel would be good candidates, message them and feel them out. Figure out in a more private setting if they are willing to act as a bull and cuck your husband.
  • Faceless: Go faceless if you’re shy. If you have an appealing photograph that is missing the face and a clear and explicit bio stating your desires, the matches will come.

This process works, but finding the right guy who will respond, be properly hung, and mentally stimulate you can be hard to do in the first place, let alone asking him to be a bull. Looking for bulls that have done it before is a better option. The following option helps with curating them.

When it's tough to hear anything your man is saying because your future bull standing right there
C: Fetlife

Fetlife is a popular kink and fetish platform that functions much like facebook. It isn’t quite a dating site but is a great way to meet like minded people.

  • The difference is that the focus is largely nude, sex related, and helpful to finding partners. 
  • Here you can show off what you have and see exactly what you are looking for. 
  • They offer a number of groups – you can even create one yourself – that focus specifically on how to find a bull, being a cuck, or cuckoldry in general.

Join Fetlife Here!

D: Craigslist

Craigslist makes this list only because it makes so many other lists and we wanted to add our two cents on it before you dove in. 

  • Frankly, we would NOT REALLY RECOMMEND starting at the craigslist ad. 
  • With all of the other options available today it seems to lend itself to the most unknowns. 
  • It is hard to verify who the person on the other end might be, what the true motives are, and the options may be slim.
  • If all other options fail you, perhaps look through craigslist. BUT BE CAREFUL!

How to Find an Online Based Bull for Fun & Practice

A. Chaturbate & The Cuck Chat

Chaturbate is a great option for finding a cuck chat mostly because of the nature of its layout. 

  • Unlike OnlyFans where you have to know a model that you want to play with, Chaturbate provides a list of people that are live with visual at that very moment. 
  • It is a wonderful way to immediately act out what ever desire you might have. 
  • As long as the performer is comfortable, taking them into a private chat for a dirty cuck chat should not be a problem. 
  • You can also hang out in the free room and play whatever games the group might be offered by the performer. It is a very fun platform to enjoy and also be a part of on your own.
chaturbate cuck chat logo
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B. OnlyFans

OnlyFans is a great place to have a cuckold chat with the bull of your choice. It is a wonderful platform that is filled with male actors of all sizes who are willing to fulfill your fantasies. As with any other platform, you will have to find the Bull that physically and mentally fulfills whatever you are looking for. Instagram and Twitter are great resources to find sexy guys with OnlyFans accounts to fulfill your fantasies.

One of Our Recommended Bulls:

Benny is the resident bull, but much more.

The Benevolent Bull – our resident “Perfect Cock” is offered as a visual sample of the final findings of the perfect cock size. See what a cock size comparison between all averages and “perfect cock” measurements looks like in real life. Or inaction at various outlets:

 Examples of his size and the Perfect Cock in use can be found at the bottom of this article:

Or Try: Free OnlyFans

Have An Online Cuck Chat with a Pro Bull

A cuck chat is a great option before diving into the real thing. Members of a couple might enjoy the thought of becoming a hot wife or a cuckold. For some this is currently only mental, but it is arousing. Taking the step of living it out in real life might be too much for some to undertake at this phase in their exploration. Perhaps some are fully satisfied keeping it non physical.

For couples like this there is a number of great options in the professional online bull category that we outline below. You can find men that look exactly like you want. Whatever you see as the perfect man and the perfect cock can be found somewhere online.

Also note that another option couples use to explore without real people is sex dolls. When considering playing with another partner in whatever way one might, the male sex dolls with any specifications you choose are a good, yet more expensive, option.

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