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How To Anal Gape [Anal Practice, Gape Toys, Anal Stretching]

How To Gape Your Ass

Complete Anal Gape Training & Experience Guide

Preparing For Your Anal Gape

Regardless of your experience level, any attempts at gaping should be preceded with at least a few steps to make sure that you are safely ready to undertake only as much anal gaping as your body allows. Make sure to be safe, do not go beyond your limits, and take your time. Anal gaping is a safe and pleasurable experience if properly prepared for and safely and slowly undertaken from the start.

Obviously experience with anal gaping will give you the option of deciding how much of of each of these preparatory steps you want to take before each gape session.

Step 1: Naturally Empty Your Bowls

That’s right, clear out whatever is inside of you to the best of your ability. Obviously, this won’t be a scientific procedure, it will be a matter of knowing when you don’t feel bloated and simply shitting out whatever is inside of you.

Step 2: Use An Anal Douche or Enema

This step isn’t only for sanitary reasons and to keep a fun, clean experience for all, but it is also a for practicality sake. Some people might even enjoy fecal play so why the enema? Many gapers report the sensation of feeling almost like you are incontinent shortly after finishing a gaping session. 

Depending on the gape, this could take more or less time to return the normal – extreme gapers report needing up to a day to fully recover. So, if you don’t want to have the possibility of shitting yourself and you’re going for a massive gape, either have an enema or take the next day off.

Step 3: Warm Up

This is where the fun begins. It’s time to relax. You can start off by taking a nice hot bath or shower to get yourself warm and loosed up. Like with any kind of stretching, a warm and prepared asshole will be key. As you warm up, play your favorite porno or picture the cock you want spreading you apart. Get into the mood mentally and the training will not only be easier, but it will be extremely pleasurable as well.

Step 4: Lube Up

Choose your favorite lube and warm it up if you can; again warmth is always beneficial to the stretching process. Make sure to yse a good amount of lube, don’t get cheap. This will not only make it easier to insert increasingly sized dildos and anal plugs but will insure that you don’t accidentally cause any kind of injury or tear inside.

Step 5: Pick Your Favorite Anal Gape Toy

Your anal gape toy might just be your partner’s cock or a toy you already have lying around. If you are looking to train your anus to stretch more easily and to accept increasingly big cocks and sex toys, however, it might be worth looking at our best options for anal gape sex toys for all levels of gapers. You can find all of the options you will need below.

Note: How Often Should You Gape Train?

This will be different for everyone depending on their limits, goals, and time available. For beginners and intermediates, gape training should take place 3 to 5 times a week for 5 to 10 minutes once properly warmed up.

Selecting the Proper Anal Gape Toy

There are a number of anal gape toys available on the market; some are specifically designed to stretch the sphincter to its largest size while you can also use more traditional dildos and adult sex toys for gaping. You will likely be drawn to a specific style of toy depending on your body and your gaping goals. Choices will vary if you are stretching for the physical pleasure on your own or if you are training to create the sexy big dick gape effect when he pulls out. Everyone gets to feel like they did a good job with a proper gape.

Below are a selection of the best anal gape training plugs from beginner and intermediate to expert. Make sure to start at the point you are most comfortable and proceed from there. We know that you can achieve the biggest, best, and sexiest anal gape that you desire; if you wish to unseat the Gaping Goddess we are cheering for you. 

E-mail us at, message and comment on our Instagram, or reach out for a share on our Reddit with your video or picture proof that you should be the new Gaping Goddess (Our Goddess can have a cock or not). You might end up taking the throne along with all of the links and glory to your content that you deserve. Happy gaping.

Beginner Anal Gape Training Plugs

Pink Gem Ball Shaped Anal Stretching Plug

This is a very popular option for anal training beginners. These are cute pink anal plugs that make your ass look perfectly decorated when worn in. These ball or egg design plugs are shaped for wearing and are truly fun, introductory anal plugs. They are perfect for someone looking to get used to the feel of slowly increasing the stretch of their anus without the constant pressure of a full dildo or penis shaped plug.

These plugs size at:

  • Small stretching plug: 2.76 inches long, 1.1 inches wide 
  • Medium stretching plug: 3.15 inches long, 1.34 inches wide
  • Large stretching plug: 3.54 inches long, 1.57 inches wide

These can however be used to train the muscles of your sphincter. As you push the plug back out attempt to use the strength of the muscles in your sphincter to hold the thickest part of the egg right at the opening of your asshole. Flex it in and out making sure to get a nice, filling feeling as you hold it in place. Not only is this good training, it can be an incredibly enjoyable sensation as many times much of the enjoyment is the feeling of being a penis entering and entering, stretching and relaxing your asshole. These and many more styles are available HERE.

Jelly Dick Shaped Anal Stretching Plug

For the true beginner on their journey to anal gaping, these are a wonderful start point. If you prefer the the look and feel of a real penis, with the nice tickle of the glans sliding into your asshole as you train, this set is for you.

These plugs size at 

  • Small anal trainer fits up to 3.5” at 1.25” wide
  • Medium anal trainer fits up to 4.5” at 1.5” wide
  • Large anal trainer fits up to 5.75” at 2” wide

These are made from a soft, forgiving jelly material that can be warmed under hot water. The largest anal stretching plug is a good finishing size if you are looking to train for a big dick partner: 2″ in girth is 6.3″ in circumference. That is a fairly above average girth penis, though the 5.75″ length will not satisfy most size queens, extreme gaping enthusiasts, or monster cock lovers.

Another reason this is a good choice as an anal trainer is due to its length of constant thickness. This can be used to keep your asshole gaped open without something like the ball style plug which pops inside with your asshole closing around the thin safety end. Find this set and many others HERE.

If you are looking to become a gape queen or king, we have options and techniques below to extend your sphincter way beyond the limits offered with these training plugs.

Intermediate Anal Gape Training Plugs

Inflatable Anal Training Plug

Inflatable or blow up anal training toys come in various shapes and sizes. On the box you can see the size to which the plug can extend. This is a wonderful intermediate gape training toy because it gives you the option to insert while the size is still manageable. 

As you or your partner stroke your cock or vibrate your clit, you can slowly pump the size of the ballon inside of you. The thickest part can be fully inserted into your anus or left to expand directly at the opening of your asshole. This is true gape training and can feel enormously filling. We know that much of the love of gaping comes from the feeling of being full which precedes the wide open gaping anus that we find so appealing.

The Master Series Hollow Anal Gape Training Grommets (Set of 3)

Now we’re getting into the real gape training. Though these don’t really take on a realistic look, they are shaped to recreate a powerful cock with an enormous mushroom head. You can see their girth and presence when held in the hands of this sexy anal gape enthusiast. 

The dimensions pictured above show you the diameter of the “shaft” of the anal dilator, however the “mushroom heads” are significantly thicker than anything offered in the beginner training kits. That’s one of the reasons these gape grommets are part of the master series.

Made from a premium silicone, these grommets feel soft and smooth to the touch. You might wonder to yourself: why are gape grommets hollow? Anal grommets are hollow for flexibility during insertion and to allow a partner to cum inside of a stretched or gaped anus. What an amazingly erotic experience to be gaped to your maximum stretch and to feel your partner shoot long hot streams of cum through your hugely gaped anus directly into the deepest parts of your ass. The anal gape creampie is reserved only for the cum of those deemed worthy to seed the deepest parts of the king or queen of gaping. Because, congratulations, that is what you are with the biggest of these grommets inserted. If you want to attain the crown of Gaping Goddess or God, continue below to the Expert level anal gape training toys we have below.

Expert Anal Gape Training Plugs

Affordable Giant Dildo Shaped Gape Trainer

This one is for the classic lovers. Those who really want to feel a big, cock shaped fulfillment in their anus. Adam’s colossal 12 inch cock is what you need. With a coke can thick 2.25″ wide cock this hefty boy will fill you like you need.

We must add that this is for “novelty use only” and that is our official stand on it. What you decide to do from there is up to you.

This dildo is a good expert anal gaper and still leaves you with the option of finding a real man that can make you feel like a giant dildo does. If you don’t believe us check out Julio Gomez and his big black monster cock at our Hall of Biggest Black Dicks .

We have now reached a level of gaping that not many people can achieve, even if they have the desire. This is where all of your training will come in. If you watch the videos below you can see both man and woman take giant dildos deep into their asses. This is yet another step further than simply gaping. This can now move into the world of fisting, diving as far down as the elbow. This will clearly create an enormous gape, but depth is a seperate part of anal training from simply the gaping of the actual asshole.

Now we are talking about stepping into a realm where a human cock cannot fulfull you propery. You must rely on toys, fists, arms, or multiple arms. Congratulations for being such a good gaper that no cock in this world can be too much for your properly trained asshole. You are among the 1% of gapers. GET ADAM’S 12″ COCK HERE.

RealCock: Ultra-Realistic, Lifelike, Luxury Cock Shaped Anal Gape Toys

Fuck. Look at Bruce’s God Cock. If you take him out of the frame and put the other big boys up to the can, its still enough to drool over. Then throw Bruce in again and we’re right back on track with our expert level anal gape training. Made by the world famous RealDoll company, these are the world’s most realistic dildos. Their feel and look is so lifelike, that simply calling them dildos does not suffice.

These are luxury cocks and their price tag reflects this fact. But Bruce is WELL worth it. If you prefer a tan brown dick to help you think back to the best latin dick you ever had on that vacation to South America, you’re in luck. Or get yourself this monster black dick with which to gape. Let the fond memories of that time the skies opened and granted you the biggest and best black dick you ever had. Remembering your best fucks while you gape your ass really helps empty your balls or make your legs shake as your pussy continues to drip.

At 10″ of insertable length and an anus shattering 9.5″ circumference (3.25″ in diameter) Bruce will make you feel that fullness you so deeply crave. These RealCocks are a step above any giant sized dildo because of how absolutely realistic they feel inside of you. Watch the video below where you can see how realistically the cock moves between the user’s hands. It’s such an absolutely delicious cock. GET HIM HERE!

Neither of these dildos is the Bruce we recommend for anal gaping, but you can get a sense of their look and feel with this video. She goes through a nice review, noting the real balls packed inside the man sized ball sack, then shows you how they feel to use. You can see herself really enjoy having 2 of these cocks rubbing on her clit at the same time. 

The feeling is so real inside of you that if you’re so lucky as to have two as you gape, you can’t help but think you really do have two big cocks competing or cooperating to give you the biggest gape you are capable of.

Below are two videos of two amazing gapers, one male and one female depending on what you enjoy. You can see that clearly, we have reached the expert level. It is not a myth that giant anal plugs and dildos for gape training not only exist, but can be used. 

Our lady hams it up a bit for the camera, but there is no denying that she is a pro at taking the biggest things on earth deep into her deceptively tight anus. Our male is clearly here for his full enjoyment; we wish we could gift him a real man with a cock that big, but alas it is lonely at the top, and this award winning gaper will need to find his pleasure this way.

If you have or fuck a cock that can rival these dildos, let us know. Reach out at so we can do our part to help you get the internet fame and praise your cock deserves.

Anal Gape Training Accessories

Gape Gloves
Gape Gloves Made Famous by Mike Adriano
More Stylish Gape Glove Options

What are gape gloves? Gape gloves are a pair of thick, anti-slip gloves designed for the purpose of eliminating slipping from lube when pulling the buttocks and the anus as far apart as possible during anal gaping.

Some might simply call these sex gloves, but for our purposes, gape gloves is far more on the nose. When we are talking about sex gloves, there are many options for a variety of different purposes. However, the gape gloves most people are looking for refer to the gloves Mike Adriano uses while he anally fucks and gapes a myriad of different women. You can see the gloves we are referring to in use in the video below. 

These gloves can be worn by the person doing the anal gaping to help them hold your ass open as wide as possible with slippage. It adds another layer to the importance of focus on the gape, and thus helps increase the enjoyment of both parties involved in the anal gaping or gape training. They can also be worn by the person gaping their anus; holding their ass apart for their partner can be a very satisfying experience. Wearing special gloves to make your gape presentation more effective makes it so much dirtier and real; aka FUN.

If you are wondering where to buy gape gloves, we have you covered. The style of gape gloves seen in the video below can be purchased HERE. However, if you are looking for a huge selection of gape gloves in different styles and colors like the black pair pictures above take a look HERE. You can even just go to your local home depot and get a pair of the nylon coated gloves. Whatever gets that gape as wide open as possible. 

With the added ability to easily hold your gape open, or your partner to keep your gape open as you enjoy being used, you can ask your partner to put their tongue inside of you. You may love receiving analingus and having your asshole licked and focused on, but with a gape the experience is much different. 

Watch as his full tongue enters deep into her cavernous asshole; her reaction shows you that it is a unique and surprising experience to have an entire tongue licking all the walls of the inside of her asshole as it reaches for your colon.

Why Do I Enjoy Being Gaped?

Anal Gaping For the Physical Sensation

Anal gaping feels amazing. The sensation of being filled and having your anus stretched are not common feelings; thats what makes them so exciting. Stretching your sphincter to accomodate a huge penis or dildo takes work, but it feels amazing when accomplished: just like when you finish a good stretch after the gym.

People more interested in the feeling of depth and fulness might take the further step of fisting. Having someone’s arm able to root around deep inside of you to the point of seeing their hand movie in your stomach clearly is a very filling and unique sensation.

As we discuss in more detail below, simply the tounge entering a gaped anus and touching the insides of the anal cavity can prove to be a very exciting and new feeling. It is uncommon and that is intriguing. Outside of the physical reasons, many people are drawn to anal gaping for the sexual and mental gratification that it can bring. 

Both the physical and mental portions being fulfilled during an anal gape, with or without a partner, can make it clear why you wanted to gape in the first place. It might keep you coming back as well. Below we discuss the mental side of the gaping fetish or kink.

Sexual Dynamics & Mental Gratification
Size Queens and Their Big Dick Bulls or "Alphas"

Men and women who consider themselves size queens or lovers of big, huge, or monster cocks may gravitate towards anal gaping. Often times people who prefer the visuals and sensations of a large penis want to take their love a step further: being able to handle increasingly big cocks as a size queen can be gratifying and sexually fulfilling.

But why is the gaping necessary? Well it isn’t necessary but it can act as visual proof that the size queen has adequately serviced an impressive or oversized dick. It acts as visual and erotic proof that the receiver, not only handled a big penis anally but that it was such a long thick and impressive cock that it left lasting proof of its powerful presence.

Being anally gaped can be deeply satisfying from a mental perspective and touches on a number of angles. The reasons behind a kink towards huge penis can be varied and many: there can even be links to the idea of compersion (gathering sexual gratification from another’s happiness or enjoyment). Knowing that you made your gaper feel sexually powerful and huge can be a massive turn on for both people. For a couple, this only makes for more good, big dick sex where both parties feel appreciated for their “gifts.”

From a kink perspective, for one night stands, non exclusive relationships, or ENM couples, being gaped lets your partner know that you are a more prepared than other big dick lovers to handle big dick. Some gape lovers might be proud that their sexual community is aware of their ability to handle huge cock. To make it known that they, in fact, might have the asshole which cannot be defeated – that no cock is too big for this size queen. Even without it being actually “known” in a community, this idea can serve as fertile ground for a gaping kink in role play or sexting scenarios.

Puckering and flexing a gaped asshole for your partner shows them that you are aware of what they’re size did and how much you love the idea of their sexual power. It is another way to show your partner full sexual devotion and to confirm that size does in fact matter. A wonderful thing for big penis man to hear especially in a situation where there is a size and power dynamic at play.

Dominant and Submissive Dynamic

The dominant and submissive dynamic has many points of overlap with the size queen/big dick bull community. Anal gaping serves a similar purpose in the dominant and submissive category. Here, there does not necessarily have to be a focus on the penis size for gaping to play a powerful role.

Anal play is often tied to the idea of submission; this is true in both the straight and gay communities. In this case, it does not even need to be the penis that is doing the gaping – this can involve various sex toys, butt plugs, gaping toys, oversized dildos, and various oversized objects.

The focus here is more directly on the dominant showing their submissive that they are in full control of them; and similarly that the submissive is fully giving their body away for us by their dominant in whatever way they see fit. 

Traditionally, for women, anal sex was considered taboo or even from a biological perspective as “the wrong hole,” since no procreation can take place there. Times are changing and anal sex is far more wide spread in acceptibility and practice today, but regardless, there can be a deep sexual draw and kink tickle to the idea as we discuss below.

Anal Sex as Pure Raw Sex "Without Biological Purpose"

The feeling, even if roleplay, that something is “wrong” can be sexually exciting. Add to that the idea that anal sex is “biologically useless” and anal sex becomes a dirty thing to be hidden away because it serves no purpose but to be fully sexually gratified. Raw, primal sex for sex’s sake only. What a hot thought to have at the front of your mind as you get a nice anal gape creampie dumped deep inside of you.

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