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Big Bulge: How To Effectively Show It Off [Tips, Tricks, Undies]

Should I Show Off My Big Bulge?

Before we begin let us note that we are not recommending that you show off your big bulge or telling you when or where you should or should not try to accentuate it. This is simply information for you to do with as you please. If you are interested in looking into some of the ethical and societal thoughts on showing off a bulge check out our article Big Bulge [Should You Show It Off & What Women Think]. As the title suggests, the article also covers some various thoughts that women might take on the issue.

Clothing Choices to Show Off a Big Bulge


Sweatpants are a great way to show off a big dick bulge. The explosion in the grey sweatpants season hashtags confirms this. They don’t need to be grey, persay, but why not join in on a relatively socially approved way of showing off your bulge. Even some celebrities are getting into the trend.

grey sweatpants big bulge

Grey Sweatpants Season

If you are going to go with grey sweatpants, we suggest some of the styles below. To really accentuate your big dick, you’re going to want a thinner material that has some drape to it. A nice style always helps to spruce up your look, and a good tapered ankle will tuck in any unnecessary looseness and focus the eye more directly on your bulge.

Any Sweatpants

To continue this thread, depending on the context you find yourself in many styles work. Some people like more rugged, dirty looking men. So read the room and do what feels right and natural to you while making sure everyone around you is comfortable. The image below is of the POV Bull from OnlyFans in a pair of tattered sweatpants. Its a great way to stand out in your marketing and fan pages as well.

The POV Bull shows that any sweatpants can work for a bulge
The POV Bull Found on OnlyFans


Pajamas are the next step up from thin sweatpants. If you choose the right pair they really can accentuate a nice hang and create a big beautiful, swinging bulge. Depending on your age and where exactly you are headed, pajamas can seem out of place. That is why it is important to get yourself a fashionable pair so that it can make sense wearing them on a quick jump to grab some coffee in the morning, for example.

Commando/Free Balling [No Underwear]

For the pajama and sweatpants options, to get the most effective swing, you will likely want to go commando or free ball. This creates a more aggressive approach. It is the closest to nudity that you can get. If you are more comfortable simply displaying a discreet bulge that shows size but is not an obvious bouncing outline, then the right underwear might be a better option. We list possible options below.

Dedicated Bulge Underwear

If you are looking for a comfortable underwear marketed to the large dick man, these are for you. Not only are they roomier and truly more comfortable to wear if you are well endowed, but in giving you the room you need, it puts your size in its best light. As you can see, there are options that offer a separate pouch for you to hang your penis through, will your balls are comfortably separated. 

Further, these lift and enhance you bulge while preventing too much aggressive movement. These are marketed as the answer to big dick underwear. They ask a good question: what if all bra sizes were the same like men’s underwear? It doesn’t make sense for men with huge, imposing penises to deal with them the same as someone who might not have anything to show when flaccid at all.


Ways To Make Your Bulge Appear Its Biggest


The hot summer months are often the best times to let your bulge hang at its fullest. The natural heat in the environment and the clothing options that are offered just vibe better with showing off a big dick bulge. The winter months come with heavy clothes that hide away one of your most impressive assets and shrivel you up.

In addition, where there is heat there is a general sense of freedom, fun, and openness in the outdoors. You really do feel your sex drive go up. Many of the clothing options we offer above will work best in the heat. You don’t have to worry about being cold, standing out like a sore thumb while being too obvious with your bulge, or keeping the longest, heaviest hang. 

Penis Pump

Penis pumps are a hotly debated topic for the extent of which they can actually improve penis size. Most studies have concluded that they work in the short term to give stronger, firmer erections as well as increasing your size post pumping session. It seems that girth is more clearly affected.

"I looked into a lot of the different pumps and came away finding the water based pumps the safest and most effective. I can tell you that after a good long pump you really do look girthier. It doesn't last TOO long, but it is a huge confidence booster for taking good dick pics, showing off for your partner, giving them a little more fill, and definetly for swinging your bulge around."
The POV Bull shows that any sweatpants can work for a bulge
POV Bull
Big Dick Activist

Cock Ring

Cock rings are a great way to preserve the best amount of flaccid girth you can, and preventing inevitable shrivel. Depending on your size, wearing a cock ring might make your penis appear erect. A longer, heavier penis can get away with it as it will likely just add to the girth and weight allowing the big cock to appear shockingly large but still perceptibly flaccid. Appearing erect in public is generally not a social acceptable (or often legal) thing to do.

As we discuss below, running is a great way to enjoy your the freedom of your cock and its bulge. A cockring is a great way to maintain some of the blood flow girth and size that might otherwise be lost elsewhere during physical activity. Find the best cock rings to wear all day HERE.A soft, pliable cock ring will do best for extended wear and adjust to your flaccid penis easily.

Bigger After Sex and Masturbation

Whenever you are aroused, you will obviously be at your biggest. Often times following sex or masturbation – especially in a warm environment – your penis can remain in longer and fuller while flaccid. Some might call it “semi” territory. This is a great time to throw on your favorite pair of big dick accentuating clothing and head out.