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How to Compliment a Dick [Big Dick Praise Edition]

On Big Dick Praise: A Note by the Author

As you read the article below keep in mind that is written from the perspective of someone who has enjoyed very specific things as it relates penis size and big dick praise. Having played the roll of bull in real life and creating my OnlyFans Content focused on my size, I may represent some very specific tendencies. But maybe not. Maybe I just care less about hiding it? Who knows.

We can all ponder on why we have the fetishes and desires that we do, but in the end we simply need to be honest about them. Not every man with a large penis will enjoy what is listed below, but they are great starting points that can lead to new areas of your relationship that you might not have known you or your partner enjoy. It might help you better think about how we think about our size and our egos. Or it might spur a conversation where your partner lets you know why he is completely turned on by the opposite.

Either way. Enjoy.

Why Do We Want to Give Big Dick Praise?

Isn’t a hung guy’s ego already big enough? Why compliment them? This could be true, but in many cases guys with big penises also have some fear of comparison or they might even be afraid that they are too big. If you are here wondering about properly complimenting a big dick there is hopefully some cause for celebration.

  • Maybe you just found a dick you don’t want to go anywhere, so you’re hoping to make it feel appreciated. 
  • Perhaps you want to get better at showing your bull appreciation in front of your cuckold. 
  • You are personally aroused at giving big dick praise

Benefits of Complimenting Your Man's Penis

If your man has a big dick and that makes you happy for whatever reason, that is a wonderful thing. Not only do you get to enjoy something statistically special, but he is able to be appreciated for something that makes him unique. We are not saying that a big penis is THE thing that makes someone unique, nor that it outweighs other issues, but we are saying that it IS special and can be celebrated. Below are some of the benefits of making your man feel good about his big dick

  • His Self Esteem – It is always a beautiful thing when you can make any person feel good about their bodies and their sexual prowess. These can be some of the most fulfilling and fun compliments to recieve. If you love someone with a big penis, or just enjoy building up your partners, this can help.
  • Your Sexual Enjoyment – When you compliment a man about his size it can quite possibly help release a side of him that he might have been holding back. If he knows that you are happy with his size, he now will know that he might be able to go a little bit more primal. Perhaps he will dive a little bit deeper, pull your hips into his girth a little bit harder.
  • Quiet Wandering Eyes – A man with a big penis can be a target for other men or women that have heard about it through the grapevine. Because these type of compliments feel good, many people will offer them up or men will go looking. If you give him enough reassurance that his size does matter, he may not feel the need to go search out that which he might feel he deserves appreciation. One of the most reported reasons for divorce and breakups is not feeling appreciated.


Authenticity is key in these interactions. You do not want to go down a path of lying a pretending about your partners size just to make him feel better about himself. This can lead to confusion and resentment down the line. There are plenty of ways to compliment an average or small penis without resorting to something that is not authentic and might make you feel uncomfortable.

man with big penis ready to have sex with woman outdoors

Giving Big Dick Praise During Sex

How to Compliment a Penis Visually and Physically

Sometimes the silent visual cues and the physical ways of handling his large member are the best types of compliments. Below is a list of easy ways that can blow his mind if they are at least adjacent to authenticity.

  • Initial Reaction – The initial gasp, eyes widening, or mouth opening is a classic way
  • Firmly Grasping It – Grabbing onto the base of his penis with a firm grip while staring directly at it.
  • Using Two Hands – Grab him with both hands and stroke him slowly and deliberately.
  • Feel Him Entering You – During sex run your hands down around your vagina lips or your anus for the bottoms. Split your fingers in a peace sign around his girth. Feel it stretch you, let him notice that you are feeling its size and what it does to you.

How to Compliment a Penis with Words

Adding some compliments along with the visual and physical cues mentioned above can truly make your man feel big and powerful. If you really want to dive into turning him on and possibly yourself in the process you can try some of the options below:

  • Tell Him Directly – Let him know that his penis is impressive. Make it clear that it is special and stands out in your mind from other cocks.
  • The Biggest – If you believe that his penis is truly the biggest overall, the longest, or the thickest girth, make sure to let him know that no other man compares to his size. Frame him as the winner, that your body has never been penetrated by any male specimen as impressive as him. One of the ultimate forms of big dick praise is granting them that honor.
  • Compare Him – If your style of relationship or sex fits, make direct comparisons to other men that you may have dated in the past. You do not need to shame anyone specifically or by name, but again, his being a clearly defined winner in comparison to your experience makes him feel sexier.
  • Phrasing – Instead of words like “penis” call it a “cock;” “rather than “get inside of me;” use “stretch my holes;” instead of i love your dick, season in some curse words: I need this wide fucking cock spreading me, NOW!”
  • Give Him a Pet Name – Simple things work best – Mr. Big, Daddy, King Dick, or any other fully ridiculous idea you can come up with that is fun and sexy and makes your man feel appreciated sexually.
Two gay black men prepare to have sex

How to Compliment a Big Penis When Flirting or Sexting

Complimenting the Appearance of his Big Penis

When sending texts, snapchats, kiks or what have you, the focus can be on more specific items. This helps your man feel like you are actually turned on by him, looking closely, and turned on. Ask yourself some of the following questions to create the closest sense of big dick praise:

  • Do you love that he has a perfectly circumsized penis with no marks or discolorations
  • Is he unique because he is outstandingly girthy? Is it the longest you’ve seen?
  • Is the head of his penis big and beautiful? Do the glans look wide and powerful? Could they sweep your insides well?
  • If his pubic hair well maintained?
  • Does he have big impressive balls? Is the low hang appealing?
  • Does his penis curve up, to the side under its own weight when hard?
  • Does it look heavy?

Give Big Dick Praise by Telling What His Size Will Do to You

  • Is he going to stretch you out and hit your cervix?
  • Can your mouth even handle it?
  • You’re not sure if you could even handle his size during anal.
  • Will his big glans (mushroom head) beat all the other big dick gorillas in the jungle by scrapping all the cum out of you and depositing his the deepest of all?
  • Will he definitely make you squirt?
  • Will feeling his size slap your wet ass or vagina get you wild and begging for him?

Bull & Cuckold Role Play (Or the Real Thing)

  • Is it so big you’d leave your husband or boyfriend over it?
  • Would you suck that dick anyplace anytime just to be in its presence?
  • Would you love to finally feel fulfilled by a real man while your loser lover waits at home?
  • Would you enjoy him even if you were only able to use him for his big dick? (great sexual role play for existing couples)

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