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I Want To Watch My Husband Have Sex With Another Woman

Is It OK That I Want to Watch My Husband Have Sex with Another Woman?

We must open by addressing the question of whether having the desire to watch your husband have sex with another woman is normal, weird, or acceptable. Every person has their desires and fetishes for a particular reason and none should be shamed for them. At Bullwether, we aim to help you not only understand if it is ok to want to watch your husband have sex, but also help you explore how to experience it most fully. It is perfectly normal for a woman to have a desire to watch her man have sex with another woman – she is called a cuckquean and this fetish is more common than it seems.

Why Do I Want to Watch My Husband Have Sex With Another Woman?

Now that we know that being a cuckquean is perfectly normal, let us dive deeper into the reasons that might drive you to have this desire. Women who desire watching their husband’s having sex with another woman are mainly driven by masochism, voyeurism, compersion, or a selection of these. Let us give a little bit more context to each of the drivers behind cuckqueaning and remember that this is not an exhaustive list. Each woman may have some part of each of these, or have her kink more heavily derived from one or more areas.

  • Masochism – Some women find pleasure in actually being degraded or but down in the context of the cuckqueaning. The actual sexual arousal comes from humilation or sometimes even pain. They might enjoy having the woman talk dirty to her man, while talking down to the quean. In male cuckolding the man is often placed in a chastity belt and degraded in some way for his appearance or sexual performance. Queans can find chastity belts for themselves or have Cuckcake or unicorn bring one to lock you away from penetration. In the context of the cucking, the unicorn would use your husband while you were locked away, unable to use your vagina while the cake pleasured him.
  • Voyeriusm – Some women enjoy simply watching the act of their husband having sex. They may sit quietly in the corner masturbating or just observing. There may be no implication of degrading or comparrison, simply the joy of watching her husband pleasure another woman. There can be some joy and sexual arousal in seeing your husband be desired by other women, re-enforcing a psychology boost that you have a sexy and desirable man. This is one of the things that can lead to better sex, post cuckqueaning.
  • Compersion – Compersion is often defined as the opposite of jealousy; in the context of a sexual experience it is experiencing sexual arousal from another’s pleasure and joy.
  • Zelophilia – Zelophilia is defined as the sexual arousal from jealous thoughts or feelings. There can be some grey between zelophilia and masochism in the context of cuckqueaning as they both involve experience feelings which are classically seen as negative in the search for sexual arousal and fulfillment. However, it is not clearly masochism because 
cuckcake waits outside for your husband

I Am Not Sure If I Should Let My Husband Have Sex With Another Woman

Often things that might turn us on or help us finish when watching porn are things that we do not necessarily want to try in real life. Or, more likely, you do have some desire to test out your fetishes with your husband but you are not sure if it is actually right for you. Let’s take a look at some of the things you and your husband can do to enjoy this desire without immediately having to incorporate another woman. We unpack these topics more fully below.

  • People Watching with Your Husband
  • Watching Pornography With Your Husband
  • Sex Toys
  • Sex Dolls

People Watching With Your Husband

People watching is an activity which can be sexually arousing and fun in itself without needing to actually indulge in the act of adultry. You are able to play with and fantasize along the lines of the things that turn you on about sharing your man with a real cuckcake.

This can take place at a bar, outside on a bench, a museum, or really anywhere you guys decide to indulge. It doesn’t need to be a planned or involved process, simply being open with each other when a thought crosses your mind or a woman catches your eye. Dependent on which aspect of your man having other women turns you on, simply talking through the women as they pass can be arousing.

Letting your man point out the women he wants to have sex with and why can be an enjoyable experience. It is a wonderful experience for your husband to have, his ability to be fully open. We can tie this to the idea of compersion – you can understand the experience as his having complete trust that he will not “get in trouble” for letting his deepest, most primitive, desires flow with the woman that he loves. This is deeply arousing to experience because you are able to fully release, giving mental joy before any actual sexual act takes place.

cuckcake eats an apple before having sex with someone's husband

Watching Cuckquean Porn With Your Husband

This can be a wonderful way to determine exactly what you might feel like if the actual act of cucqueaning were to take place. Again, bringing fantasy and fetish into the real world can feel different. This is a safe way to experiment and to see how much involvement or lack of involvment you want to have with his sexual experience with another woman. You might find that you simply want him to find a girlfriend and hear about his sex or just the joy that comes from it. You may find that you don’t actually want to be a part of the sex or witness it. 

Similar to the experience of people watching, you can do this virtually. Let your man find the things that turn him on, the women he finds attractive, or the things that make him cum the hardest. Let him enjoy them with you there, letting him know that he is safe to do so. Ask him to explain the things that turn him on, tell him what makes you feel comfortable and uncomfortable with it. Mutual masturbation can be a wonderful experience at this point. 

Someone that enjoys the cuckquean fetish would likely enjoy rubbing her husbands body as he enjoys himself, massaging him, kissing him, masturbating him or giving him a hand job while he enjoys the visuals before him. This can help both of you become more relaxed and fully indulge in the experience.

Sex Toys for Queans and Their Husbands to Use During Cuckquean Roleplay

The next step in enjoying a cuckquean fetish without needing to find a cuckcake or unicorn would be involving sex toys for you as a couple. You might know that you want to see your man have sex with other women as a fantasy but don’t want to actually cross that line with a real cake, or you might just want to test what you truly desire. Either way, using sex toys can be a great way to do so.

There are many different levels of sex toys for cuckqueans ranging from basic “pocket pussies” to fully articulated and realistic sex dolls. Simulating or cuckquean roleplaying can be an arousing addition to your sexual routingLet’s start with the easiest options to step into and with the lowest learning curve.


Male Masturbators for Cuckquean Couples

Male masturbators and silicone vaginas are an affordable entry into these types of sex toys. There are standard sleeves men can use to increase the sensation of their masturbation, but then there are also molds vaginas. This can be just the vagina itself as in the case of the Fleshlight, one of the most popural male sex toys available, or a mold that includes the ass or legs of the woman.

Fleshlight Featuring Pornstar Emily Willis

The wonderful thing about picking a pornstar male sex toy such as this is that you and your husband can specifically watch the girl in porn while he has sex with a mold of her vagina right in front of you.  

The legs spread dolls give you a good angle to watch your man penetrate the pussy or asshole from behind, creating a stronger sense of realism to the cuckquean roleplay.

Riley Reid Pussy And Ass Male Sex Toy

The added suction cups available for the pocket pussies and fake vaginas allow it to be stuck to a wall or in the shower, so your man can have hands free sex with it, leaving you to masturbate, touch his body, or put your hands all over his shaft and the vagina as he pumps the well lubricated replica of his favorite pornstar.. Enjoying your husband stroking in and out of another woman’s vagina.

Blowjob Simulators for Cuckqueans and Their Husbands

Blowjob simulators can be the perfect options for Queans who get their sexual fulfillment from their mens pleasure (compersion). This option simulates your man recieving an amazing blowjob, one that is designed for his ideal orgasm just as if a cuckcake was giving him that pleasure.

You are free to kiss him, watch him, and enjoy his orgasm as you both enjoy what it would be like to have a Cake come on pleasure your husband with your permission. Get THE HUMMER HERE.

The Hummer Blowjob Simulator
Zolo Unique Blow Job Simulator

The added suction cups available for the pocket pussies and fake vaginas allow it to be stuck to a wall or in the shower, so your man can have hands free sex with it, leaving you to masturbate, touch his body, or put your hands all over his shaft and the vagina as he pumps the well lubricated replica of his favorite pornstar.. Enjoying your husband stroking in and out of another woman’s vagina. 

You can find many more options at JOY LOVE DOLLS as well as REAL DOLL.

Sex Dolls For Cuckquean Couples

Sex dolls are an amazing way to get as close to truly letting your man have a real life Cuckcake have sex with him in front of your eyes. Dolls today are extraordinarily realistic. You and your husband can have a night of sexual fun simply looking through all of the available options of dolls that he would like. Choose the skin tone, breast size, hair color, pubic hair, and much more.

Tori - Realistic Sex Doll for Cuckqueans

Get these girls and more at JOY LOVE DOLLS or the famous REAL DOLL website.

Brielle - Cuckcake Sex Doll

If your man is a fan of big booty women and you want to gift him that experience while getting off on watching him enjoy it make sure to check out our blog “Top Big Ass Sex Dolls [Ranked, Reviewed, and Ready.]”

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