Welcome to the Palace of Preggo

The Palace of Preggo exists upon the Continent of Eroticon and was established shortly after The Tower of The Bull was built. The only women that may remain within the Palace walls are those that are pregnant. It is here where the women bred by their Bulls in front of their cuckolds come to be relaxed, to be pleasured, to enjoy the sexuality that erupts from pregnancy.

Within our walls breasts are fuller, hips wider, stomachs rounder, vaginas more sensitive, and sex drives higher. Here is where the lucky are able to experience the majesty that is sex with a pregnant woman. And she, is able to choose the men she wants to experience while she is in her amplified state. 

To experience the riskless joy of being filled with overflowing amounts of semen erupting from the hardest raw and uncovered cock. To also continue experiencing her bull during pregnancy because a woman who properly cuckolds does not refrain when she has been seeded.

Risk Free Breeding as Gift to the Palace

Indeed, some magic does exist at the Palace of Preggo, granted by The Bullwether during the forging of the Trinkets.

In having his golden cock ring crafted to fit his massive size, and establishing the will of The Primal Kingdom, he granted other powerful Trinkets to his realm. The Palace of Preggo received a charm on their home such that any woman who wished to fulfill her pregnancy fetishes or dreams could do so throughout the realm without fear.

In the Primal Kingdom a seeding or breeding was only sexual energy. Even as the woman became visibly more pregnant, she was only infact granted the gifts of feeling and looking pregnant without needing to actually make decisions on real pregnancy. A treat for those who induge in cum fetish, lactation fetish, impregnation fetish, and pregnancy fetish.

However, the lineage must go on somehow. So, If a preggo wishes to bear her bulls child it will be granted within these walls and the couple will procreate within The Primal Kingdom.


The Eternal Preggos

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