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What is a Praise Kink? Do I Have One? And How to Enjoy It

Praise Kink Definition

To start we will give you the most basic definition of what having a praise kink means and then dive deeper into unpacking what it means. A praise kink is defined as receiving sexual gratification from either the giving or receiving of praise for physical appearance, sexual prowess, or behavior. There is a lot packed into this definition but on the surface it is relatively straight forward, which is why some people might ask: why even call a praise kink a kink?

The question stems from the idea that we realize that most people love to receive compliments and praise of any kind. Whether this be directly related to physical appearance and sexual prowess or how well you are doing in your career. You might be onto something because, as with most kinks and fetishes, thinks exist on a spectrum and are interwoven in myriad different ways. 

It can be difficult to draw a straight line in the grey area that is the praise kink, so let us break it down. By better understanding the differences between the enjoyment of “normal praise” and “praise kink level praise” we might better be able to understand if we lean in the direction of a praise kink. It is less important that you figure out if you meet the perfect definition of this kink than it is to unravel if understanding praise can make you have deeper, more powerful orgasms and better relationship connections.

two women have good connected foreplay

Do I Have a Praise Kink?

To figure out if you are getting or could be getting something specially sexually arousing from the giving or receiving of praise, let us ask ourselves a few questions. As we progress through understanding the different types of praise, who is giving and receiving it, and what the psychology might be, contemplate the feelings you have, tingles, and sexual arousals.

Social Media, OnlyFans, and the Praise Kink

Consider our modern culture of social media sharing. TikTok Thots is a new phrase because both the receiving and creating end of this content is ideally gaining something from it. The feeling of receiving likes and upvotes can be a positive experience, and when you move into a territory where the tiktok trends and instagram competitions all involve showing of your biggest, tightest, and curviest features we can understand how this might tickle a kink. Many praise kinksters might find a lot of enjoyment showing their bodies off on the internet.

We will set aside some of the glaringly negative consequences of social media and its ties to these often times difficult races to the top. We are aware of those issues, but we hope to focus on showing that the praise kink might be more common than we think. We are about having your best and most fulfilled orgasm, sometimes that means tapping different places within you – for better or worse.

OnlyFans creators are increasing at an enormous rate, much of this has to do with money. We can be certain that a great number of these men and women enjoy being paid and praised for their bodies. The idea that you don’t have to have a “real job” because hundreds of men or women are paying you for the privilege of seeing your naked body, leaving you compliments, and masturbating to you can be an extraordinarily fulfilling experience for someone with a praise kink.

guy records girl being sexy on camera

Benefits of a Praise Kink

It might seem pretty rote to tell you partner that her hair is nice or that her ass is sexy and that her tits make you cum. That’s because those are pretty uninspired things. One of the most fulfilling parts of a praise kink is being able to find the deepest, darkest, most important details of your partner and share it in such a way that it brings them unbridled sexual pleasure.

You really have to know somebody to chose exactly the right type of compliement or praise they need; to really be able to give a full and deep experience to the person. Knowing what someone needs to hear when they are feeling down is a fairly parallel concept to knowing what kind of praise will bring out the primal yell while you’re bottoming a finger out in their ass and speeding up the strokes on a pulsing cock.

Couples can become closer by discussing the things they want to hear and how this can add a new level to their relationship. This discussion can help both people better understand themselves as well. With a caring partner, they might end up knowing what makes you cum better than you do. What a wonderful thing for which to aim.

Types of Praise

Giving or Receiving Praise

The praise kink can have two different entry points: sexual gratification from receiving praise or from giving it. Compersion is a term used to describe what is sometimes describes as the “opposite of jealousy.” This is a common feeling among polyamorous couples or partners that enjoy sharing their partners through various kinks and fetishes. We discuss this idea and more in our articles “Should I Let My Wife Have A Girlfriend?” and “Should I Let My Wife Have A Boyfriend?”

praise kink couple compliments each other

Praise for Physical Appearance

The base of many people’s kinks might be the giving and receiving of praise for physical appearance. Many weight lifters or bodybuilders enjoy being massaged or having there muscles squeezed and appreciated during foreplay or before sex. It might not always be vocalized praise and the receiver might not even be aware of how much it is adding to his enjoyment. 

These weight lifters spend a lot of time focusing on their muscle size, strength, and appearance so it would be natural that they would find positive feelings from someone noticing. There is an added level of joy when it is occuring as the other party is sexually pleasuring you or preparing to pleasure you immedietly after physically expressing how sexually appealing their bodies are.

Similarly women that go to the gym, do their makeup and nails, and get their hair done perfectly might want every detail of their regiment read back at them. She spends a lot of her time on the intimate details of her physical appearance so if you are able to notice as many as she does and praise her on it, her kink might be unlocked.

A woman might have never been told how sexy it is that her nails and toenails match or that the perfume she chose makes you wild when you lean in to kiss her neck. She almost certainly hasn’t been showered in these specific details as she’s on the verge of climaxing from the man who is showering her in compliments.

Praising Sexual Prowess

Often times, but not always, these groups can cross over with the praise kink. Each of these groups has a strong submissive and dominant factor baked into them, as well as the idea of being specially desirable. Below we look at different versions of praising sexual prowess.

Bulls in a Bull/Cuck Dynamic

Simply being chosen as a bull can be an arousing experience. Knowing that a man or woman has chosen you for your sexual prowess, cock size, and appearance alone is enough to fill the pleasure that comes from feeling like an alpha. When the actual act takes place and a cuckold is present, both the hot wife and the cuckold might compliment the bull directly. 

The hot wife might make direct comparison between her bull and cuckold. Holding the bulls much larger penis next to her husbands average or small penis while insulting his size and praising her bull has been described as otherwordly. Perhaps demeaning the cuckold as the hot wife moans from the bulls implied superior pussy eating skills. Direct comparison where your partner is the clear winner is deeply satisfying to a praise kinkster.

girl praises her man for his sexual prowess

OnlyFans Creators & Porn Actors

The exhibitionism involved with these jobs and the amount of praise that comes back from their audiences can be sexually gratifying. Some pornstars are known for their size and take great pride in being the longest or the thickest on the internet. They have videos dedicated to women who line up to take a ride on their humongous cocks as they act like its no big deal.

If you notice men in porn movies wearing masks to cover their faces, it is often times a man with an enormous penis. He may not be able to be a porn actor for whatever reason: family, career, general sense of shame. Yet, his desire to show off his sexual prowess, his physical size, the fact that he was dragged to do a scene because of how good he fucks overpowers reason to the point that he will wear even wear mask to undertake the task and receive the benefit.

Aside from getting good sex from hot willing women, he might desire to experience the praise inherent in being chosen as a big dick actor to pound out pussy. To know that other men are watching him, masturbating to the woman he is fucking, and desiring to be as long, thick, and unbelievably skilled at making a woman scream as he is. A sexual celebrity and exceptional specimen. Inherent praise and praise for prowess baked together.

Unicorns, Hot Wives, and Cuckcakes

A unicorn is a special being, usually a beautiful man or woman, that wants to play with a couple. Hot wives are the wives of cuckolds who desire a a Bull who is seen as her ideal man for whatever reason she determines. A cuckcake is like a female bull. All of these categories possibly touch on the praise kink category as they involve being or being chosen by sexually ideal specimens. This is inherant, non verbal, non physical praise built into the role.

Praise for Behavior

Within various kinks and fetishes there are different behaviors that are praised. Most basically, take the example of why someone finds cumming sexually arousing. One of the number of one reasons given is that the giver enjoys knowing how good they made the other person feel. Again, this is inherent praise – they did so good at pleasing you sexually that your body could no longer biological hold back and needed to erupt cum into their successful mouths.

Simple phrases like “you’re such a good fucking girl for taking daddy’s hard dick” can be huge for someone with a praise kink. Conversely, “you’re such a nasty like whore for leaving your husband at home and coming to get my cum” can fulfill a praise kink relating to someone with a cheating fetish. These are all examples of receiving praise for acts or behaviors that one is undertaking.

Below one creator does some praise fetish ASMR with her jerk off instructions (JOI) incorporated into her telling you what a good job you are doing taking directions. Here the person recieving the praise is the one being instructed – they likely gain joy from being a good listener and making their instructor happy in this sexual context.

How to Find Someone to Help You Enjoy Your Praise Kink

If you are on the submissive or giving end of the praise kink spectrum it might be slightly easier to find a partner that will indulge you – after all it takes less on the part of the receiving party than the giver. However, finding someone who might be praise kink receiver and reacts more fully and deeply to your praise can be wildly more sexually gratifying.

Going out and finding someone that is specifically into this kink might be difficult directly. However, openness and honesty might help you find your praise kink partner is the one you are already with. Explain to them how it makes you feel and how they can help and hopefully they’ll be more than happy to help. Just make sure to take a full listen to what gets them off, as well.

Below the submissive acts like a cat while her dom tells her what a good kitty she is being. You can see that she enjoys playing the role, having a kitten tail butt plug in, deepthroating him. Similarly you can hear the enjoyment in his voice as he showers her in praise. With his cock coated in her saliva, just having pulled out of a deepthroat, he moans “what a good kitten” as he fingers her mouth and lays his dickhead on her lips.

Different Ways to Give Praise

These are the ways to give praise, how you receive the praise is another topic entirely. Finding a functional give and take praise relationship can be difficult, yet rewarding; it can also be built towards. We have touched on different ways that people give and receive praise but let us summarize it more completely here. 

  • Verbally – “You have a huge cock” “You are the sexiest woman I have ever had. Your ass deserves to be feasted upon.”
  • Physically – Massaging muscles, oiling thighs, licking a flat stomach. Run your tounge across her abs. You might notice that she pushes her body closer to you, flexes her stomach a bit more. Subtle clues that she is excited to show herself to you – she wants her time in the gym to be as obvious as it can for you. Let her know that it is with your tounge. A big beautiful woman might really appreciate the extra time you take caressing her big sexy stomach, making sure her insecurities evaporate because she can clearly see how aroused her thick sexy body makes you and how lucky you feel to be able to fuck her.
  • Inherently – Choosing a bull, playing the role of a hotwife or cuckcake. Simply the act of taking on these roles has implied that you are worthy of this honor. Praise is inherent within this roles and might be tied to why some people seek to act out these desires.
 It might not be totally sexually as this gentleman below shows you. See if his brand of praise helps get you where you’re going.

Praise Kink Psychology

As noted above, some people might wonder why this is a kink at all. Everyone likes praise. There are some other ends to this spectrum which might make it difficult to fully realize your kink. There might even be portions which might warrant discussing with a therapist. Figuring out the inner workings of kinks and fetishes with a professional can make you happier and more sexually satisfied as a whole.

A man who has a praise kink over the size of his penis for example might also have some insecurities as well. Perhaps someone once told him his penis was inadequate and now he gets off on being told he is more than enough. Conversely, another man might have been socially awkward throughout high school, always striking out, never having sex until in college a woman found out and let him know that he had an enormous penis. This man might now enjoy being praised for something that is proveably praise worthy because it is the thing that makes him unstoppable to women, when previously he had nothing of the kind.

It can be easy to fall into traps of fulfilling something that is missing in the incorrect ways or placing to much weight on things that may not mean that much to others. However, if we understand where our arousals come from, make sure that we are only experiencing them in increasingly enjoyable ways, and that our partners are fully onboard and consenting we can deeply enjoy all of our kinks.

Praise Kink Phrases

Praise kink phrases are a wonderful topic. What exactly can you say to a partner that will get them off. Perhaps you simply want to read over things that are helping other people with praise kinks cum so you can cum too. This is an extensive topic and essentially can reach into poetic literotica if done well. We have thus dedicated special pages to praise kink phrases for all types of people. 

We believe that being in tune with your partners desires and sexuality allows you to strive for being a poet in the bedroom. Knowing how to craft the right things for your partner can make you an erotic story writer. Literotica is simply your desires on a page, receiving them or giving them in the real world is exciting.

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