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Praise Kink Phrases: Praise For Men [Size & Cuckold Erotica]

An Introduction to Kink Phrases

Below are some fun ways to play and spice up the sex talk when someone in a couple has a praise kink. This is great for someone who might have a partner with a praise kink. If you aren’t sure how to approach praising your partner, some of the phrases below can give you a thematic sense of what they might be looking for.

If you are someone that enjoys the idea of comperssion (joy in other people’s joy) then these phrases can help you tickle someone’s mental kinks while your body does the physical. Realizing the benefit of bridging the mental and physical aspects of kinks and fetishes can be very fulfilling and sexually exciting for both parties involved.

Below are some ideas for praise kinks phrases you might say to someone with a big dick, to your wife’s bull, or to your own bull or praise kink lover.

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Praise Kink Phrases For a Big Dick

Below you will find some samples of the best specimens deserving of praise. Hopefully their ideal cocks and bodies will help make our suggested phrases stand out. Of course, we have taken some liberties and woven some small stories within our kink phrases so feel free to adjust them to your needs. 

These praise kink phrases are also small samples of the Bullwether Erotica Series. So make sure to keep up to date with the latest.

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long dick pretty boy for praise
Cute and Hung. Check him out!
  • “You have the biggest, thickest, longest, most beautiful cock I have ever seen. How do women even take your whole cock?”
  • “Cum in me daddy, I need a real man’s seed for once.”
  • “My little asshole is going to be gaping after you force that god cock down into my guts. Nobody can reach deeper into my ass than you can daddy.”
  • “I can’t believe how lucky I am that someone as perfect of a specimen as you chose me. Your cock and body are a god damn prize and I want to milk every bit of cum out of you. I promise I won’t waste a drop, even though you make it hard with the sheer amount of hot fertile cum your big balls make. Your cum ropes shoot out so hard and far that I have to be a really good girl [boy] if I’m going to make sure none dribbles down my chin, and if it does ill scoop it back up onto my tounge. I could just eat your cum all day if you let me. Would you please let me?”
massive black cock praise kink
This Black Dick is Built For Praise
  • “May I please lay this thing across my face, sir? I want to feel its weight as my nose is buried in its manly scent and i lightly taste it from below.
  • “My fingers don’t even touch when I wrap my hand around  your cock.”
  • “You’re my first monster cock. I’ll never forget this.”
  • “This cock will forever be the best and biggest in my mind. Even on my wedding day, in the back of my mind I’ll know that you’re out there somewhere. The biggest and best I’ve ever had.”
  • “I think about your cock when I touch myself.”

Phrases For Hot Wives to Praise Their Bulls

Sometimes the best praise you can give is totally non-verbal. Her eyes closed, mouth open, holding each of her bulls close to her mouth, she signals that she is theirs. The monster cock has pleasantly unloaded his big nut all over her chest while the big mushroom head cock finishes up.

Below are some wonderful praise kink phrases and themes you can use when fucking your bull. Not only will this help your bull get even further into the mood and give you the best sex you can have, but it will greatly add to the humiliation factor of your cuckold husband.

  • “I want your alpha cum in me. Fill me with the kind of seed my pussy deserves, plant it deep down with that long dick where my little dick husband can’t reach.”
  • “Daddy you’re so fucking deep with that long, fat black dick. There is nothing that compares to this big dark piece of fucking steak rearanging my insides. Dig me out you big dick fucker, show my bitch of a husband how a real man fucks. Show him why he’ll never stand a change against a humongous black cock like yours. Fill me the fuck up! Deeper! Harder! FUCK ME! I’ll never go back to little dicks again!”
  • “My husband could never even come close to pleasuring me like you can.”
  • “Nobody compares to your enormous length and girth, ESPECIALLY not my little dick husband.”
  • “Your body is a work of art, I’d lick your muscles and abs even if I didn’t know you had such a magnificent cock.”
  • “The way you fuck is all I’ve ever wanted. Someone that knows how to properly move their hips, hold my waist, pull my tight pussy deep down onto them.”
  • “I’ll be thinking about you when I’m with my husband.”

Praise Kink Phrases For Cuckolds To Worship Their Wives' Bull

Sometimes that dick you bring in to fuck your wife properly is so good you need to put your own mouth on it. Sucking your wife’s pussy juices off of her bull’s cock is one of the best ways to praise him. Still, we’ve given you some good ideas on how to praise your wife’s bull so that both your wife and her impressive fuck partner can enjoy how powerful and wonderful their sex is. 

This can help your little cock cum too so it may not always be allowed. First ask nicely if your wife and her bull are ok with you praising his size and how he pleases your wife. Your wife is in control as she enjoys her bull, so make sure to know your place. If you have been invited to share in his size, make sure to compliment him verbally and orally.

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cuckold has a praise kink for his wife's black bull
married woman has sex with her black bull
  • “Thank you for pleasing my wife like I have been unable.”
  • “I chose you because I knew you were the biggest and the best and that is what my wife deserves.”
  • “Thank you for cumming in my wife. May I please clean my wife’s pussy juice off of your enormous cock to thank you for treating my wife so well?”
  • “Sir, may I please experience something so powerful in my mouth? If you and my wife would allow me the honor?”
  •  “My wife has fucked a lot of better men than me, but watching your thick cock enter and exit my wife’s soaking wet pussy is the most beautiful experience.” 
  • “Her pussy stretches so far for you, it grips you because you are so girthy.”
  • “I can’t compare to a big black cock like yours, there was never a chance. Please make my wife happy so that I might be able to have sloppy seconds to your beautiful ebony rod.”

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