The Benevolent Bull Collection

sexual shirts for cuckold couples

Below you will find the official merchandise of Bullwether’s choice for perfect cock: The Benevolent Bull, or Benny for short. High quality sexual shirts are hard to come by – both the shirt itself and the quality of the graphics.

The Benevolent Bull Collection features lovely text and images that are simple, well designed, and to the point. Not only that, but our crop tops are 100% organic cotton that feels and fits amazingly. Chances are you actually want to look sexy in a sexual shirt.

Current and Future Co-Stars!

These shirts are sometimes worn in scenes where the mood is right! Be like my friends and get your own!

If you wanna catch my attention on twitter or instagram, post a pic of you as a Benny’s Babe – men and women welcome. Do that, and be subscribed to my OnlyFans and I’ll send you a personal video from Bullwether’s Perfect Cock.

Love you guys and all your support!

Sneaky Sexual Shirts

Are you a hot wife that wants to display their love of the bull? Are you a Benevolent Bull super fan? Well, make sure to pick up one of our sneaky sexual shirts in the “Benevolent Worshipper” collection. Everyone will think you’re a god fearing woman, but really you’re a perfect cock worshiper. That can be our little secret.

Sexual Shirts for Cuckold Couples

The best part about having the perfect cock as your own personal bull is the fun you can have as a cuckold couple. Really want to extend the reality of the live cam show you and your cuckold husband do with the Benevolent Bull?

Wear a Benny’s Booty T-shirt and present that perfect ass for your Bull as he thumps away on his big dick. Really drive it home for your cuck. Haven’t played with the Benevolent Bull? Go now, His OnlyFans is FREE!