“Benny’s Booty” – The Perfect Ass is Any Size


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The organic crop top is soft, comfy, and 100% Organic. Which means you’re getting a high-end shirt to wear when you become one of Benny’s Booty Girls. If you are lucky enough to make content with The Benevolent Bull, If you’d like to show public support of him in a post, or you just want to be with Bullwether’s perfect cock in in spirit, this shirt is for you.

From the Benevolent Bull of Big White Cock:
"It is an honor to have your perfect ass paired with my name. Notice that we run from XS-XL so all asses can be perfect asses; and to me they truly are. That is why I have been selected for this role. Unfortunately the supplier doesn’t understand that my potentially perfect ass does not stop at an XL size, so DO NOT take that as a statement of any kind."

"Only for the grace of raw female power and the gift of thy booty, may I become Bull." -Bullwether 3:19-

• Material: 100% organic cotton
• Slim fit

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