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Stag and Vixen vs Cuckold & Hotwife [BONUS: Find Your Bull]

Stag and Vixen Relationship

Stag and Vixen relationships are a slightly less well understood version of utilizing a bull for a couple’s relationship. The cuckold and hot wife dynamic is highly saturated in the porn market. The word cuckold and cuck has increased its use in normal conversation, as well. There are some key differences that are important to understand. 

If you are interested in dipping into testing another man entering the relationship, it is best to understand the differences and approaches. Depending on wether you are the potential stag/cuckold or vixen/hotwife, the questions you might want to ask yourself could be different.

What is a Stag?

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A Stag is Not a Cuck

A stag is a married man who is aware of and/or encourages his wife’s having sex with another man while he watches or hears about it after the fact. The main difference between a stag and and a cuckold is the level of humiliation leveled upon the man by the bull and vixen. 

With a cuckold, there is an active desire to denigrate or at least compare the married man to an often larger, stronger, more stereotypically alpha male. The cuckold is usually present  and there can be any level of interaction: from verbal humiliation to penis caging. Some cuckolds will even go as far as to “clean up” the wife’s vagina by eating the bull’s semen our of her vagina.

Stag and Vixen: Compersion

Conversely, the stag vixen relationship is less about degrading and comparing. Often times the man will not even be present for the sexual act. He may just want to hear the sex recounted, or to watch a video after the fact. Many fetishes and kinks can touch the stag and vixen dynamic. There can be many desires that tug at the reasoning behind wanting your wife to have sex with another man. Our article,  Should I Let My Wife Have A Boyfriend? covers this topic in more depth. We cover the idea of compersion in more depth as it relates to these types of relationships.

Depending on who initiates the dynamic, there can be different ways of understanding it. We have looked at it from the stag perspective, below we dive further into what a vixen and how she might see the vixen and stag approach.

Vixen Meaning

stag and vixen hotwife

A vixen is a coupled woman who becomes the object of another man’s s sexual attention while her husband – the stag – watches or hears about the sexual encounters. There is a lot of cross over with the term Vixen and Hotwife, even more so than with stag and cuckold. In both relationship styles the woman is the one receiving sexual gratification from another man.

Often, the vixen will choose men to which she is attracted, with little involvement from the Stag. Outside of the pleasure he receives from knowing that his wife has the sexual attention of another man, of course. Often times, the stag will have sex with his partner after she has just come home from an encounter with her bull. Some explain the appeal as knowing that your woman is desired by other men. Others find appeal in seeing their wives as sexual beings. This idea is helped made clear by her desire to have no strings attached sex with men she finds attractive.

Cuckold & Hotwife Vs. Stag and Vixen

The cuckold and hotwife scenarios are some of the most popular in pornography. The terms have far more exposure than the stag and vixen scenarios. It is unclear which type of relationship is more prevelent. Finding an answer is made even more difficult by the amount of cross over in terms, kinks, desires, and sexual drivers that flow between these types of relationships.

What Does Cuckold Mean?

A cuckold is a man who watches or knows of his wife having sex with another man who is chosen for his stereotypically masculine traits and larger penis; the cuckold is often degraded and emasculated physically and verbally during the sex. In these types of relationships there is a clear comparison and power structure at play. Often times the man will initiate this type of relationship and be the one to find a bull for his hotwife.

The masculinity and penis size of the bull seemingly takes on more importance in this scenario. The main focus of the kink is to have the bull clearly and definably sexually better than the cuckold. Often times the cuckold will have his penis placed in a cock cage as the bull pounds away on his wife’s pussy.

Depending on who initiates the encounter, the dynamics can change. Below we look at what a hotwife is as compared to a vixen and what role she may play in choice of bull and relationship to her husband.

What is a Hotwife?

hotwife picks her big dick bull

A hotwife is a woman who makes either a cuckold or stag out of her husband by engaging in sexual intercourse with a bull chosen by her or her husband. It may be the hotwife who engages the conversation over finding a bull. In this scenario the man has to decide if he is comfortable with this scenario – will he be a cuckold or a stag? The woman may have a true desire to be the object of another mans attention or she may truly be in need of a wild, big dick man to have good sex with.

A potential cuckold may also need to go out of his way to convince his wife to become a hotwife. She may do so only out of wanting to help satisfy her husband’s kink. In the long run, if they stay with the lifestyle, some women end up very much enjoying the dynamic that comes from this. 

A stag and vixen or hotife scenario can also heavily cross with a polyamorous lifestyle. A stag may even be an attractive, hung man who gets off on his wife finding pleasure they way he does with other women; or not. To learn more about this dynamic take a look at our article What Is A Praise Kink? Do I Have One? And How To Enjoy It.

Finding A Bull For a Stag and Vixen or Cuckold Couple

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