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Male Penis Fetish [Why Are Straight Men Attracted to Penis?]

If you identify as a straight male and are attracted to big penises, you have arrived at the right place. Along with furthering your Erotic Education to better understand the reasoning behind you attraction to impressive cock, we encourage you to enjoy the fact that you do, wherever it comes from. 

Because we are Pioneering Erotic Education while Encouraging Its Enjoyment, we have created a comprehensive guide for your exploration and journey into a desire for male size. Below you will find:

  • Prevailing answers, theories, and guides that will help you better understand your attraction to big penis or otherwise.
  • Describing the idea of a male penis fetish
  • Amazing videos of straight guys for a male penis fetishist! If you love huge straight guy penis, this is for you. ENJOY IT!
woman swoon over confident man
Something mythical all women want and desire

"I Think I Have a Male Penis Fetish..."

A common narrative that can be heard around the topic of straight men loving big dick finds men saying that the attraction is solely limited to the actual penis and testicles. Many will tell you that the idea of falling in love with a man or kissing them is not at all appealing to them, and some even find it repulsing, yet their attraction to their penis is strong. 

In describing why straight men are attracted to penis, common phrases include: 

  • “I have NO desire to kiss a man, but I would give him head.”
  • “I think I’m straight, but the thought of giving oral to a man excites me.”
  • “Why am I attracted to penis, but not men?”
  • “I just like looking at dicks.”

You are not alone, and there are a multitude of answers to this question. If you are confident in your understanding of your own sexuality and do believe you have a firm grasp of what you do and do not want, these answers will provide some useful insight. If you are still exploring or uncertain, we have topics that can speak to you as well. Whatever your journey, we support you and hope you find that which brings you the most sexual joy. To that end, let’s dive into the this desire.

A confident man often implies big penis: a possible cause of male penis fetish

Straight Men With A Male Penis Fetish

1. As Just Another Male Fetish

The first portion of the dictionary definition of a fetish is: a form of sexual desire in which gratification is linked to an abnormal degree to a particular object, item of clothing, part of the body, etc. 


  • Just like a foot fetish, which is among the top fetishes, this can be considered as simply an outsized attraction to another particular thing.
  • In this context, abnormal does not carry a negative connotation – it is only to state the fact that it stands outside of a statistical norm throughout society as a whole.

2. Male Penis Fetish Towards a "Mythical Object"

The second portion of the definition is interesting to unpack in this context as well. It reads as: an inanimate object worshiped for its supposed magical powers or because it is considered to be inhabited by a spirit.

  • In many cultures and historical contexts, the penis reached a high status in society.
  • Take comfort that this concept is not unique only to you. Not even your culture or your place in time.
  • Within some pornographic videos featuring a very big straight guys penis, anthropologically speaking the penis takes on an almost magical quality. Shocking, unique, rare, powerful, desired and envied.
  • This fetish does not automatically imply that you are a homosexual, it may just be a male penis fetish.
strong man looks into woman's eyes, represents power
Pornography blended straight guy's penis with power

Porn's Influence on A Straight Man's Attraction to Penis

As briefly discussed above, the big penis can take on a magical quality, porn reinforces this:

  • Straight porn often focuses on the pleasure that the male penis brings to an attractive woman.
  • Pornography targeted at both gay and straight men tends to skew towards larger penises.
  • There have been a number of theories and studies that undertake the effects of pornography on our population, so it is feasible to find an answer for this large penis attraction within it.
  • Pornography’s skew towards big dick models which appear to bring untethered sexual enjoyment can cause men to associate large penises with their most personal periods of sexual arousal: when they are masturbating.

It may be true that pornography has a hand in shaping a straight man’s love of large penis or reinforcing the male penis fetish. But, perhaps it doesn’t matter. It is best to enjoy what makes you horny, and if you’d like, trying understanding why you enjoy it.

Below you will find potential answers to the question of why a straight man enjoy seeing a big powerful penis or might have a male penis fetish.

More Reasons for a Male Penis Fetish

Normal Unrealized Desire for Straight Guys Penis

It is worth mentioning that perhaps some of the attraction to penises may simply be a normal variation in normal “heterosexual” behavior. Since as a society men have traditionally been less able to talk about things that may be deemed as homosexual, it is highly likely that more people are experiencing these thoughts than may be reported. 

As a contrast, there has always been a much wider range of sexual openness that could be deemed homosexual or bisexual my women. Much of this stems from men’s and society’s generally larger acceptance and attraction to the idea of multiple women in a sexual situation. This while men are ostracized, bullied, and sometimes even attacked over perceived homosexuality.

It is a shame that a man who simply wants to explore his attraction to a large penis might feel the need to hide this away. Be forced to ponder on what it might mean if he was “gay.” Many times this forces men to shut down something from which they might gain great enjoyment. As times are changing and equal rights are thankfully becoming more socially accepted, the hope is that men who want to explore with men or simply their penises are able to do so. 

With this openness, we can all find our sexual pinnacles and have the kinds of orgasms we all deserve.

Attraction to the Exceptional (Size & Power of a Big Thick Dick)

One might think that a heterosexual man’s attraction to large penis is a signal that he is in fact not strictly heterosexual, if not homosexual – though there are always specifics, it might be a simpler matter. A heterosexual man’s attraction to a large penis is often driven by admiration and a desire to mentally impersonate a personal symbol of power, sexual prowess, and cause for adoration from women to which he is sexually attracted.

Does it cross over into fantasixing about them?

It’s similar to daydreaming about being your favorite celebrity: throwing that game winning pass, shredding a sexy lick on stage, or fucking an absolutely gorgeous woman who wants you simply for the size of your penis. It is good to feel that adoration, and sometimes when you desire what you might not have, it is easy to start pretending you’re someone else. Men put a lot of stock into their size and performance, so it is no wonder that a man that considers himself completely heterosexual might find a big, imposing, penis with the power to make a gorgeous woman’s mouth fall open with wonder to be intriguing.

The Causes and Joys of a Male Penis Fetish

Julio Gomez - Huge Cock

Exhibit A: Enormous Black Dick

Things to note about the scene that might help think through your attraction to big cock:

  • It may not be the man that turns you on, rather his demeanor and the physical and sexual joy it causes the woman.
  • A desire to match that sexual and powerful prowess. 
  • Even within the porn industry, Julio knows that these women have likely never seen, nor will ever see, a penis as large as his. This adds to his percieved confidence, laid back demenour, and unquestionable power. He is near mythical.

Notice at the 2:50 mark:

  • She is going to suck his balls and eat his ass because the hang of his penis is heroic and unmatched.
  • His amazing mythical power in displaying something so big and unique opens more sexual doors for him. This appeals to straight men.

Exhibit B: Amazing Hand Job with Big Dick Praise

In this scene we see the absolute beauty of his enormous, one of a kind penis being showered with big dick praise and a handjob that any straight man would dream of receiving. Reasons we love it: 

  • Like watching the star player on your home team run the field.  Its exciting and you daydream about your being the star.
  • A tall, fit black man wearing nothing but his fitted sits down with pure confidence, knowing that this woman is floored by the size of what she sees before him.
  • His confidence is admirable as he lays back and lets this woman take care of him.
  • He orders her to get rough with it. It can handle it after all. 
  • He has a special and outstanding penis, and this woman is treating it with the focused attention a special penis deserves.
  • He feels his power, as he confidently pinches his own nipples, asking her if she’s ready for his gift as he erupts with only a few deep, masculine moans.

He receives an orgasm that hits another level mentally. One that many straight man can only dream about experiencing. And so the male penis fetish begins to form.

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