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Adult Content & OnlyFans Collaboration Options with Benny & Studio Bullwether

Option 1: Retain the Rights to Your Content Collaboration

A Safe Male Performer for OnlyFans Collab

This option leans into the community aspect of building a safe space for creators. With this option, we want to hear the kind of scenes you are interested in creating. What exactly are your fans asking for, which fetishes or kinks? We have a list of genres that we cover and target, but we are always interested trying something new. If you are having trouble finding a good, well-performing, attractive, legally verified, STD tested male performer, The Benevolent Bull can help.

The Benevolent Bull is a character that fits into a number of scene styles that Studio Bullwether hopes to shoot. Though there may be some hints of reality, he isn’t fully ridiculous and can hold a professional conversation out of his stage name and character.

Share the Rights to the Collaborative Adult Content

It is one thing being paid to do someone else’s scene, it is another to be able to create the type of content that you know would help forward your viewer count, followers, and subscribers with a good male perfomer. With this option you remain in control of your own business and your own content while adding a male co-performer wherever you might need him. 

Retaining the rights to your adult content collab can be beneficial for reasons such as:

  1.  Fulfilling custom fan requests that need a male performer on your chosen platform.
  2. Sell individual scenes at a premium on your free or paid OnlyFans page.
  3. Add variety to your paid subscribers by providing clips or full sex scenes
  4. OnlyFans collaborations only require YOU to tag Benny. All other paperwork and IDs are prepared and provided to you by Bullwether.

Quality Product

We will also create a good quality product for you to use. This is how our videos will be provided:

  1. Three (3) camera angles will be used during recording with a focus on showcasing your favorite or selected assets.
  2. Benny is a faceless perfomer so the content will showcase you even further.
  3. Plenty of POV oppurtunities
  4. Camera angles will be edited together into a well flowing scene.
  5. 2 or 3 short clips of the scene will be provided for teasing purposes
  6. 2 or 3 still screenshots will be provided

Free Additional Marketing of the Collaborative Content

Since Bullwether owns the full rights, while you retain shared rights on your chosen platform (generally OnlyFans) we aim to provide some additional value to our scenes together. This mainly comes in marketing efforts:

  1.  Featured on the homepage featuring your stage name and links to social media.
  2. All tube site clips (PornHub, Xhamster, etc.) that feature our scenes will include your full stage name, helping establish your search-ability and name recognition.
  3. You will be featured in marketing efforts on Reddit, TikTok, The Bullwether Blog, and other platforms
You can find more detailed information on the bullet pointed topics at the bottom of this page!
philadelphia porn scene how to get into porn

Option 2: Flat Rate Per Scene, No Rights Retention

If you are simple interested in doing a scene for a set rate, no problem. We understand that many porn actors and actresses may be established actresses or not interested in marketing. We are happy to work with you! 

We have a working set of rates for different scene styles that we generally work from, however, we understand that certain performers have more or less experience or are willing to do larger or smaller types of scenes. This obviously commands a sliding scale of pay and as we say, if you are someone we are interested in, no discussion is off the table. 

To find out our flat rates or to reach out with your rates if you would like to do a scene with the Benevolent Bull please contact us through whichever platform you found us through or e-mail Remember to include your rates and a link to any social media or posted scenes you have done. Please do not send photographs or videos directly in the e-mail for legal reasons.

A Sample Scene Featuring One of Benny's Friends & Collaborators

Studio Bullwether: How to Get Into Porn [PA, NJ, NY, & DE]

If you are a current nude content creator, considering adult content creation, or hoping to enter the “mainstream” porn industry, Studio Bullwether has local options! We are a new and budding venture with high hopes. Our long term goal is to create a bustling adult scene in Philadelphia so that everyone that wants to enjoy and create within the industry can do so locally.

First and foremost we are interested in transparency. We want to be upfront with you about what we CANNOT do and what we feel we CAN offer as a new indie porn studio. To be clear, We DO NOT have any connections to larger brands or “industry insiders” that are focused in LA, Miami, and other major hubs. We cannot place a phone call for you, nor do you likely need us to do so.

What we do offer are some of the first steps that we feel is a well rounded approach to actually answering the question of “how to get into porn.” With OnlyFans and porn tube sites, there are so many better options to achieving success than going for a main stream contract. Just take a look at This Reddit Thread to see how concentrated ownership of adult content truly is.

Of course, this is our opinion as an indie porn studio that take a slightly different approach to adult content creation. The idea of controlling your own content, creating your brand, and growing into the porn industry organically much like any safe for work social media influencer would, is part of the mission for us as a studio. We hope to share any of our approach and potential success with those that we are lucky enough to call co-creators.

What We Offer For Philly Sex Workers [Legal Adult Content Creators ONLY]

Become a Bullwether Girl

You even get a free t-shirt! As much as a free shirt is nice, that isn’t really the main point. If you read at all into the character the Benevolent Bull is building, it is no wonder he has sexy t-shirts for sale. It seems like just the kind of thing a guy who markets himself as The Perfect Cock would do, doesn’t it?  

Really, it is just another way of creating an experience that makes our viewers more engaged, excited, and apart of a whole other world. But, full disclosure, art imitates reality just a little bit. Branding is something we find key at Studio Bullwether, and is something we encourage with our co-creators. More about that in the options below.

Check out all of the other options we offer and choose the one you’d like most at our Full Shop. Don’t worry, everyone that does a scene gets their choice for free!

SEO Optimization and Niche Targeting Adult Content

If you go through the rest of our website and our blog, you will notice that there are very specific topics covered. Why is that? Because they are highly searched topics that do not have many great options for search results in google. This blog and entire website is optimized to capture traffic from people looking for very specific erotic things. When they find us, so to do they find out content.

As a Bullwether girl, you will be featured on the Bullwether page, and wherever else you might fit, so to will you be featured in our blog posts. With your stage name now found on pages dealing with searches looking for people like you, the idea is that you recieve more natural and organic exposure to your content over time. Isn’t that better than just asking how to get into porn?

In addition, any videos that you perform in will be optimized for searches on a number of tube sites. We will feature your stage name as well as a link to any PornHub, Xvideos, or XHamster profiles you might have. (If you don’t have them, get them). This is not a guarantee of any kind. However, SEO optimization techniques are a proven method to gain consistent and organic traffic. 

This is a huge passive way to increase your views, exposure, and dollars. And if you really want to get into mainstream porn, quality produced, well acted, and highly viewed content with your stage name clearly attached to it is certainly a step in the right direction. It gives you negotiating leverage for your rates.

philadelphia porn actors
Image By Pixabay

Retain Rights to Use & Sell Some of The Content

Unique in the industry, we offer you a number of options (listed below) in which you are able to retain and reuse the video and photography content that you need for your own resale purposes. Use the content that you make while utilizing our side of the marketing, as well.

Collaboration & Enjoying Your Work

We are making art. This should be fun. Finding the right people to work with on a consistent basis can be difficult. Scene chemistry is important for us, which is why we love to hear from actresses on what kind of things they enjoy shooting, which scenes they would like to take part in, and how their brand can be more firmly established through the content we create.


In most cases we will come to a location that is convenient for you with all necessary equipment. That means that the male talent can provide a location near to you or even come to a safe place that you would like to shoot. Going to other locations to shoot scenes opens the door to all kinds of new options. We can’t let the scenery get stale. Depending on the scene, a proper hotel or air bnb to suit the style of the shoot can be selected.

Open to Other Options

As always, these are starting points and we are always open to discussion. Every type of actress, attitude, and body type can fit a different video style and our male talent is prepared for all types. We will ALWAYS listen to future co-creators about their needs both financially and for their comfortable enjoyment of shooting the scene.

We are open to any ideas you might have, rates you might require, and types of scenes that you are comfortable shooting. Please reach out if you have any questions or there is anything we can do to make the experience more comfortable.

How To Get Into Porn or Find OnlyFans Collaborators on the East Coast

If you are in the North Eastern United States and are interested in how to get into porn we have some options that can at least help you along the way. Studio Bullwether is a new venture that aims to create content that is authentically engaging both for actors and viewers. A number of different genres to dive into, creative collaboration encouraged, adult models choosing content ownership options of content best suits their comfort level and brand.

how to get into porn philly
Image by Pixabay

Find People to Shoot Porn With For Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, & Delaware

Finding people to shoot porn for tube sites, OnlyFans, FanCentro, or any other places you might want to sell your videos can prove to be a more difficult thing than it might originally seem. People might assume that a woman would have men lining up to be her OnlyFans partner. In reality, the logistics of finding someone can prove to be a lot more difficult for both men and women. You might be able to find someone, but there are still a lot of variables.

Those variables can include: their physical appearance, sexual skill, experience having sex on camera, and being properly tested for STDs. Now if you have a partner, and you are looking to get into porn, there is a number of paths you can take on your journey to the level of pornstar. We cover this topic in other blog posts here.(ARTICLE)

Proper Paperwork

Proper Identification, Legal Releases, and current STD testing results are 100% necessary before beginning any scenes or work together.