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What is Felching? [Gay, Straight, Cuckold & Bull Kink/Fetish]

What Felching Means

Felching is the act of sucking semen – your own or someone else’s  – from an anus or vagina with your mouth or a tool such as a straw. Felching is not as commonly known a fetish as some others, but it is in fact a relatively widespread phenomenon. Wether it is one enjoying the actual act of giving/receiving a felching experience or simply enjoying the visuals through pornography, we see the act alive and well.

In fact, there are over a million searches a month related to felching. So, as we always say at Bullwether: indulge safely and with confidence because you are not alone. Felching is originally known as a homosexual act, likely due to a number of reasons. Let us take a deeper dive into the meaning of felching and how it relates to gay men and barebacking.

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Gay Felching: Barebacking Beyond

As far as the stories go, felching originated in the gay community. If this is true or not, we may never know, but it is the first place the act was known to exist or was spoken of openly. This makes some sense as felching originally follows the act of barebacking and leaving a cum load inside of an anus – which is a common homosexual activity. But, not only a gay one.

Barebacking is common in the gay community and sometimes when you just finished a good long anal session and left a big heavy load inside of your partner, you want to suck it out. Maybe you want another partner of yours to suck your cum out of another man’s ass. This all ties deeply to the cum fetish and anal fetishes as well.

If you felch, you might use a straw to really get in deep and make sure to get all of the cum out, or wait for your partner to push it out.

A theory we hold at Bullwether is that the gay community is often the bellwether (yes, that’s why we are called BULLwether) to new and intriguing sexual fetishes. Or at least, the community is the one that introduces the concept into the public discourse. The gay community has faced so many challenges and had to overcome so much simply to be allowed to love who they choose in peace.

For this reason, it may be possible that there is less drive to hide the rest of your desires and so fetishes we might all have surface more easily in the gay community. Whatever the reason, we thank you for bringing this fun and sexual act to our attention. Anything that helps someone cum harder or explore their kinks a little bit deeper is something for which to be thankful.

Though its unfortunate that many people take cover, gay felching is certainly not the only take on this idea and it happens in many different ways. Below we address some other ways that felching takes form and it is not only in the gay community.

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Other Ways of Felching

To feltch is to enjoy removing the semen from within the body of which it was placed with your mouth. There is no rule hard and fast rules here so get to sucking that cum however you see fit. It seems a lot less out of the norm when you consider that many people frequently love oral creampies, swallowing semen during blowjobs, facials, breeding fantasies, and being covered in it.

Felching and the Cum Fetish

Often finding its way to top 10 lists on the best ways to enjoy a cum fetish, feltching really is an extraordinarily sexual and intimate act. Both the receiver and giver might have the cum fetish. The experience of receiving an anal or vaginal creampie is an extraordinary experience. It can feel like the perfect, proper culmination to a long, raw sexual event. The pulsing of the penis as it cums, the creamy heat filling you at all corners, the intensity of the streams shooting through your body.

The giver might normally simply enjoy the act of being able to finish inside of their partner – an amazing experience itself. It is the feltching that ties it to the cum fetish. Wanting to enjoy the taste or texture of the semen on your tounge, even your own. The desire to watch the asshole which you just bread flex, and push out the semen as you suck as hard as you can to recieve every last drop. Of course this can carry over to the vagina as well.

From a Vagina

Felching is something that straight couples do as well and often times it can be called other things. Cum cleanup for example is a popular thing for men to do to a woman’s vagina. This can be in the context of a normal one on one relationship or in a bull cuckold relationship as discussed below.

Cumming inside of a woman is a pleasurable experience for both parties and their is no shortage of pornography covering women being creampied and pushing out their cum. Felching, in the strictest sense can be a little harder to find as it often involves the man delivering a creampie and then eating his own cum. This can often be seen in bisexual couple videos and the like.

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To Felch in Bull & Cuckold Relationships

Most likely in the context of male and female felching there will be many instances found within a bull and cuckold relationship. Here the hotwife might desire that her bull finish inside of her while the cuckold watches. Because in many instances – but not all – there is an element of humiliation that the cuckold undertakes, felching can play a role. Here the cuckold can be instructed to suck the bulls cum out of his wife or girlfriend’s vagina.

Again, this can be seen in the context of cleaning up your wife’s pussy when she is done with another man to show respect for the cum and the power of the bulls big imposing penis. Obviously, the exact reasoning behind the fetish can take many forms, but this is a common scenario.

Men that enjoy big dick for their wives or the visual itself might be interested in our article Why Are Straight Men Attracted to Penis? Felching another man’s cum out of your wife’s anus or vagina can be another deeper step towards fully enveloping yourself in the submissiveness of the kink.

Staying Safe and Healthy

As with all things it is good to know the status of your partners. This is especially important with something like felching as you are directly sharing bodily fluids between one another. The risk increases if multiple felch partners are involved. In addition, for those that are barebacking before sucking the cum out of someone’s ass, cleanliness will be key.

It is not imperative to have an enema before a session but it can certainly help in keeping everyone safe, clean and healthy. It must be noted that some enjoy the act of sucking everything out from inside the anus. This includes cum, lubricant, and any feces that might be left. The act of fully cleaning the cavity which was soiled can be part of the appeal of the act. Take extra caution as feces can bring disease.

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