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Why Do I Find Pregnant Women Sexy?

Is Being Attracted to Pregnant Women Normal?

Maiesiophilia is the term for pregnancy fetishism. It is perfectly normal to be attracted to a pregnant women for a variety of reasons. There are many corners and fetishes that relate to pregnancy and the acts involved so let us dive into why you find pregnant women so sexy. We then offer you some ways to safely enjoy these fetishes if you do not have a pregnant partner.

Men often wonder, why do I find pregnant bellies hot or why are pregnant women sexy? Men find pregnant women sexually attractive for multiple possible reasons: connections to cum fetish, pregnancy fetish and lactation fetish, as well as unique physical changes that signal fertility.


Why Am I More Attracted to My Pregnant Wife?

Often people wonder if it is normal to be attracted to your pregnant wife or even if you are allowed to have sex during pregnancy. Being attracted to your pregnant wife is perfectly normal for reasons of romance, bringing life to the world together, but also the pure sexual primal feeling that arises from impregnation.

There are many topics beyond the scope of this article that relate to the love of a pregnant wife and how this can positively affect your relationship and sex life during and beyond pregnancy. However, here we focus on the physical and sexual attraction to pregnant women. Your wife specifically is likely attractive to you for a few reasons:

  • Reminded of Sex – Everytime you look at your wife’s growing stomach your mind can subtly wander back to the act that made it possible. The freedom you felt as your wife had given you free permission to fill her with your cum. No condoms or contraceptions – just your raw penis pulsing inside of her as it impregnated her.
  • Variety – having a woman that is physically changing can be exciting and arousing. Adding something new to the routine is always a boost.
  • Physical Reasons – The list below gives a deep dive into the physical  changes that take place and why they may be attractive to you.
  • Nature’s Intent – It is our natural biological instinct to be attracted to our pregnant wives. This article discusses a study that adds strength to the theory that men are actually more attracted to pregnant women.

The Preggo Fetish and Related Kinks

Physical & Visual Attraction to Pregnancy

Your wife will change her physical appearance. For many men this can be an extremely attractive thing as if can be bring additional weight to the body, outside of the focus on the belly:

  • Her Breasts Get Bigger – A large portion of men are attracted to large breasts so it is normal that added weight and heft can make the woman you decided to make pregnant look even more attractive. Often, nipples will get darker and larger which many men find very appealing.
  • Her Ass and Thighs Get Thicker – For the ass men, as they gain baby weight it will likely fill in a round behind and thicken thighs. Many men really enjoy the look of a full figured woman, especially if it is the first time seeing their woman this way. Visually and sexually many men enjoy the sight of a full figured woman in doggystyle with a pregnant belly and large breasts visible from behind.
  • Her Vagina Swells – Many men enjoy the look of a “pillow” or “puffy” pussy – some women go as far as using a pussy pump on themselves to swell the look. With preganancy, the increased blood flow to the vagina often times makes the vagina look fuller and plumper. This is an appealing quality to many men simply for its visual appeal, but it can also feel very much different when having sex with a pregnant woman.
  • Freely Give Internal Creampies – once a woman is pregnant there is no fear that she can get pregnant again. Many married couples take advantage of this time to fullfill their cum fetishes. Uncoupled preggo fetishists may be drawn to the appeal of unprotected sex and finishing inside of a woman without any fear of responsibility to actually getting her pregnant.

Impregnation Fetish Vs. Pregnancy Fetish

There is a subtle difference in these two fetishes and it might be worth exploring what it is that actually drives you and if your attraction to pregnant women is tied to this. A person with a pregnancy fetish is attracted to a woman that is pregnant for a variety of reasons discussed here, while a person with an impregnation fetish is more concerned with the act of potentially impregnating a woman.

The risk of pregnancy is the part that drives the arousal and not necessarily actually impregnating. Though the lines may get blurry if the person enjoys the idea of getting their partner pregnant without actually wanting the consequences. A common term within the pregnancy fetish is the “seeder” who ejaculates his cum inside of a willing woman who becomes the “seeded.” 

Pregnant women can be seeded without any fear of more pregnancy, or in the event of sex with a pregnant woman that is not your wife, no pregnancy risk to you at all, simply the fun of unprotected internal ejaculation.

Pregnant Bikini Contest

If you needed further proof that a preggo fetish is perfectly normal and relatively socially acceptable, consider the wide spread occurances of pregnant bikini contests. These are beautiful competing in straightforward bikini contests with the caveat that they are all wonderfully pregnant.

This is an amazing gathering because it allows all types of people to happily enjoy and celebrate something uniquely special. Women commonly experience feeling less attractive during pregnancy. Yet when you are able to join an event that has big crowds of people clapping and supporting pregnant women as visually appealing and sexy, there can be a strong confidence boost. Feeling beautiful and sexy in all forms is a wonderful thing; this is in addition to the many important things that comes from pregnancy in general, and are not instead of those.

Preggo Sex Dolls

If you are hopelessly attracted to beautiful pregnant bellies on sexy women but either have no desire to get anybody pregnant or it is not the right time to do so, you might want to consider a gorgeous and unbelievably realistic pregnant love doll from Joy Love Dolls. You can choice how pregnant she is, skin and hair color, and much more. Below are only a few examples of what is available.

Celine - Preggo Sex Doll
Katherine - Small Belly Preggo Doll
Pearl - Pregnant Love Doll

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